ask lena: rachel berry repulses me but i see myself in her. how can i be less clingy?

who need plastic wrap when you have rachel berry?

It’s an ugly stereotype. gURLs often are more expressive of their emotions than guys, and it gets them labeled as “clingy” or “needy.” Fortunately we’re discussing a fictional couple this week, Rachel and Finn from Glee. But my advice goes for life both on and off your tv screen.

While I personally think expressing needs and wants is communication more than it is clinginess, there is a line…but how do you know when you’ve crossed it and turned into saran wrap?

Short answer: when you lose yourself. Need a little more than that? Watch my video!

Have you ever been accused of being clingy? What did you do about it? Leave comments to let me know, and help out other gURLs who may be battling the same issue.

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  • Ciara

    Hey, at least you don’t see some of Amane Misa or Bella Swan. 😉