advice gURL: boys want to see nude pics of me! why do they only want me for my body?

would you share naked pics like kat dennings?

boyily knows she looks good. The problem? Guys do too, and now they’re bothering her about it.

She writes:

lately everyday i get like 5 guys asking me for sexy pics or nudes…and dont get me wrong i have sent sexy ones before, but now i just think they want me for my body. they say i can trust them, but i dont and none of them can take no for an answer! its really bumming me out cuz i still wanna be friends with them, its just i dont wanna do it.

| kat dennings learned that naked pictures can say a LOT of words. |

i feel uncomfortable with it so i dont know what to do or say to them.

What advice do you have for boyily? How do you get guys to look past your body? Have you ever sent out sexy pics?  Share your thoughts and ideas by shouting out in the comments section!


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  • Anon.

    honestly i’ve sent two nudes to two different guy’s .
    the first one was my bestfriend i’ve knew for 8 years . and he ended up showing 4 different people.
    the second one was my ex boyfriend. he didn’t really show it to anyone not that i know of but he talked about it . and at that time i had a weird unformed body . you get me ?

    and my boyfriend well ex boyfriend that might take me back wants one but i dont know . i said yes but later on . i thought about it but my body is somewhat chubby and i just dont know what to do.

  • I would like to get to know u but first send all really hot pics love ken

  • Chloe

    Do NOT send them!

    If you're under eighteen and you send nude pictures, it is considered distribution of child pornography and you can get in SERIOUS trouble for that!!

  • Ana

    oh nooo here comes this again lol if you duu end up sending nude pix DNT EVER EVER show your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and jus dnt du it it aint worth it trust me,,,thas all guys want is nude pix and sex!!! and once they get sum they peacin out

  • Lauren

    Trust me, your suspicions are completley true, these eejits ('scuse the slang, I'm Irish!) do want nothing but your body. Boys that ask for naked pics are just creepy retards, and you can do loads better. Besides, if they are so lovely and moral and trustworthy, then why do they want nude pictures of a girl in the first place? You also have no guarantee that they won't spread them around, post them online or god know's what else. Just say no!!! If they start pressuring you and saying that you don''trust them-and only you know if they are likely to-then you DEFINITLEY don't want these people in posession of a nude picture of you! If they let it go, say fine, you're grand, which doesn't seem likely, then maybe you should spend more time with them.

    However, the fact that you're on this websie posting this worry means that in the back of your mind at least, you have doubts about how trustworthy these lads are… so steer clear is my advice!

    Oh, and on a legal note, I don't know how old you are, but if you're under eighteen, and he's caught with the text or pic or email or whatever, he could be arrested! DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!!!!!

    So, it's up to you…

  • Mee

    Don't send anymore! TRUST ME! I made that mistake too! the guy said I could trust him but in the end he showed it all to his friends and one of them even had the balls to ask me for nude pics.

  • Star_Dust

    DO NOT SEND!!! You are making the right decision. If they were really your friends they wouldn't be pressuring you to reveal something so personal. They are taking you for a fool. I say drop them. They're going to keep nagging you until you cave in. Boys are like that. They even take it slow if that's what they sense until you give it up. Friends are those that comfort and guide you– not make you feel bad for not wanting to sext (sex text). You need to distance yourself away from those guys. They are totally disrespecting you and you telling them no is not enough. I'm sure they've heard plenty of no's before! Boo Hoo. Let them go home crying to their mothers!

  • Jessi Moxxie

    I have sent them. My Advice would be to stick to a No. They are not your friends if they insist on it, and only want to hang with you to get them .