Glee Goss: Is Cheating A Good Way To Get Back At Someone?

puckleberry makes a return appearance on Glee

In case you weren’t glued to your television watching last night’s Glee like we were, there were some interesting relationship shifts going on at McKinley High.

When Rachel was dating Jesse (remember him?) it turns out that Finn played some horizontal hokey-pokey with Santana. Rachel, needless to say, is furious, so she decides to get back at Finn…

…by making out with the guy who knocked up his old girlfriend. (That’s Puck, in case you haven’t been following.) Finn breaks up with Rachel, understandably betrayed.

These shenanigans bring us to a larger question. Is it okay to cheat on your sweetie as a way of getting back at them? Or to make a point? And does cheating-as-revenge, rather than cheating-for-love/lust, work?  Is it ever worth it?

Let us know your thoughts and shout out in the comments below.


P.S. What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode of Glee?

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  • Ana

    naw man ive dun it twice but i wasent even getting revenge i was jus a stupid gurl,,,yea and it was with the same guy,,,maeb i should jus stay away from him,,,but when i did play my man i told them both cuz its better to hear it from mee then to find out from somebody else later you know,,,yea i thought they would understand especially since i told them myself to their face but i also understand why they broke up with me!!!! so yea im never ever cheating again!!!! and no body else should either

  • Mee

    Nooo! Been there, done that! Made the situation worse..!

  • Shayla

    No, it's definitely not okay to cheat as a way to get revenge. A famous quote is "An eye for an eye only ends up leaving the whole world blind". It's the truth. Never should one sink to the level of their partner. It doesn't establish trust. It doesn't teach your partner how low they've sank. Trust me girls, cheating isn't okay in ANY situation. You dishonour yourself by thinking it's okay if you cheat to get back at your partner because they've cheated. No. It's not. Show that you have morals. Show that you respect the exclusiveness of being in a committed relationship. Even if they broke their respect for it. Talk it out, and get past it. Forgive them and show them that you are worth it. Show them that you are special, because you never have and never will cheat on them because you have too much respect for what a relationship represents. And you still are in a relationship. Until you break up with them, stay committed to that concept.