confession: i used to hump the table corner

please keep your hands where we can see them

A gURL reader sent in this confession, and, well, we just had to bring the issue to the table.

“I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember. Even when I was in preschool, I would get in trouble sometimes because I would hump the corners of the tables. It felt good and I didn’t know any better! I just always wanted to touch myself and no one really stopped me! And the tables were at just the right height. I don’t think I ever orgasmed until I was a teen, but there was something about pressing that area.”

| this gURL’s 2 year old is already masturbating. what do you think? |

if tables had faces...

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  • Brehdo

    I start masturbate where I was 11

  • im to sweet

    I hump i stared at 6 or 7 and now im 10and i still do it it fell sooooooooooooo………. good

  • Ana

    So, I’ve been masturbating on and off for about 4 years, and I never really could get pleasure from it. I’ve read all the articles on how to do it and everything, but it just doesn’t work. I’ve never had sex before, but my ex boyfriend used to finger me and things, but that never did anything either. Am I broken? HELP!

  • kat

    this is crazy but when i was little i used to get naked a hump my dresser. i acted like the nobs were its nipples and dick, but this was when my mom was not home. ;D

    BUT AT THE AGE OF 14 i totally masturbate!

  • all of my friends think masturbating is gross but i know at least one of them does it so… but anyway i’ve masturbated pretty much all my life or at least ever since i can remember

    • Chelsea P.

      Trust me! You are not alone, I used to ride the corner of just about everything from as little as I can remember! I know that there are many girls and women that get off like this :)! What socks is that now I’m a paraplegic from a broken back and can’t feel below the crease where my hip and thigh meet! :(…But, I’m glad that I’ve had a good amount of orgasms in my 20 – 30 years on this earth bc who knows if I will ever be able to feel my clitoris again. I look back at those years and am glad I got to experience pleasure before it was taken away from me!

  • LiveLoveLaugh25

    i do, i always thought that it was a bad habbit, and that i was freak for humping and touching myself, but it makes me feel a bit better now that i know that other people do it too

  • stebbie

    I used to lie on the floor and rock back and forth when I was little. I do it on my bed now with a pillow under me

  • Emily

    i find myself watching porn alot. even when i was little. i didnt ever try to touch myslef but i always got that feeling. maybe i’ll try it 🙂

  • i like mangoz

    wow i tried to masterbate but it like really hurt so i stopped after a couple of times, is that normal

    • Crystal

      Depends how you do it….?

  • snowflake

    idk if i should masterbate im just 13 almost 14 my friends keep telling me to do it cus im old enough please tell me wat to do?

    • Tori

      Never feel pressured to do it because someone else says you’re “old enough”, masterbation isnt a teenage right of passage, it’s just a good way to get to know your body and what feels good to you. But it can feel insanly good and better to find pleasure on your own than look for it in someone else when you’re so young.

      • Crystal

        If you want to then do – it’s a personal thing. Some people love it and others hate it.

  • sydnee rose

    i was going onto a kids site on my computer once and i must have typed something wrong(i was 4 dun judge pwease XD)because this porno website came up and i thought it was the site and i started watching the videos and i got the really weird feeling down there and i touched myself for the first time it felt good,i started watching videos everyday and touching myself but i stopped when i was 6

  • tsc

    i did it when i was about five yrs old..but at the time i didn’t know what i was doing..i just knew it felt good..i do it all the time now..i only rub my clitoriss and it works wonders :))

  • notlonely

    oh isnt it such a sensational feeling? I love it… I could do it allllll day long.♥