Does the Pull-Out Method Really Work?

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Dear Heather,

The other day I had sex with my boyfriend of 5 months for the first time. The first time we did it he wore a condom. He said he didn’t like wearing them so the second and third time he didn’t, but I didn’t mind it though. Even if he pulls out before “going” does that mean there’s anything in my vagina or am I just paranoid? And is it true that if you feel full after sex that some cum got in there?

Pulling out, the withdrawal method, or coitus interrupts, is one of the oldest (and cheapest!) forms of birth control. However, it’s so ineffective, there’s really no control involved in it and it ends up causing a lot of pregnancies and STIs.

Yes, it is true that if your boyfriend pulls out before he ejaculates, and no sperm enters your vagina, you will not get pregnant. However, that’s a huge IF. Semen can be released unknowingly during sex. The key word here is unknowingly — you can’t feel it.  Especially if you are having sex multiple times in a short period, the leftover sperm from a former ejaculation could be present in his pre-come could get you pregnant. Furthermore, because you and your boyfriend are inexperienced with sexual intercourse, he may not know his body well enough to stop before the time is right…which would mean sperm entering your vagina with no way of stopping it.

While I’m glad you’re “paranoid” about getting pregnant, it concerns me that you are not worried about contracting STDs. The withdrawal method does not protect against STDs or HIV. And even the cleanest, most sperm-free pre-come can still transmit those diseases.

As for feeling “full” after sex, it’s more likely that air is trapped in your vaginal cavity than anything else. While yes, you can feel come in your vagina (and see it when it drips out!), there is generally only about a half-teaspoon to a teaspoon’s worth of it in an ejaculation — not enough to cause a feeling of “fullness.”

It also, and most importantly, concerns me that you’re willing to have sex with someone who refuses to wear condoms. As the old saying goes, “If you really love her, wear a cover!” Your boyfriend should be treating you with enough respect to be concerned about protecting you (both) from pregnancy and STDs.

Overall, if you are continuing to have sex with him, I strongly recommend that you go to your doctor or a clinic in order to obtain some form of birth control. An ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of pregnancy tests!

Take Care,

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  • Lizzy

    It’s not a completely reliable method, but it works pretty well if, and this is a big if, the guy is careful and pulls out early enough. I’ve used this method with past partners, dumping their swimmers on my belly, and never gotten pregnant.

  • Samy

    And i also wanted to say you girls are ass holes and rude. And it was mostly them who started this fucking methot

  • Samy

    You people are fuck up this methot dose not work its 25 percent it will work out of 100 so yea and i hope ou fuckers use this methot get herpes or other shit

  • jm

    i been having an unprotected sex over a year,and preferred to use the pull-out method,is there any chances that i could be pregnant even if my bf had the control in ejaculating his sperm?

  • Ashley

    Yea so, I got pregnant 3 times with the so called pull out method and my partner pulled out and finished himself off too. Maybe I’m just super fertile or something. The upside… I have a beautiful family, but if u don’t have the means to support a family in case of an accident… use BC.

  • CJayy

    My boyfriend and I have been sexually active for over a year and I could probably count how many times we’ve used condoms on one hand and we have sex quite frequently. We do use the “pull-out” method. He can tell when hes close to orgasm and will withdrawl and finish himself off. However, we have had more than a few close calls as to where he was unsure. That costed us a trip to the drugstore the next day for Plan-B or “the morning after” pill. Let me say that two boxes of condoms would’ve been alot cheaper and the icky sid affects that may come with the pill weren’t worth it. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet, but who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t taken the morning after pill. And that pill should not be used as a regular form of bc either!! Best choice, bc or condoms. Even those aren’t 100% effective, but they’re alot more reliable.

  • CeCeLovee

    the pull out method for me and my boyfriend worked at first i would say. and then he started getting sloppy with his and i wound up pregnant. #no glove no lovee

  • metra

    Start taking birth control and make sure he doesnt have any stds thats what im doing cause my bf doesnt like condoms cause its hard for him to cum with them and i don’t really like them because u dont feel as much with them.

  • Kayla


    pulling out is greatt

  • selena sherizsk

    ok so if your boyfriend has a little dick and ejacalates on your pussy if it it stanks than you are pregnant!OMG go clean up NOW

    • Mac

      ok, that's bull and you know it.

      dont listen to that, listen to Heather.