ask lena: i’m being bullied because i’m gay! can you help?

chris's glee character, kurt, is dealing with a bully the way lena would want!

The media may have curbed their coverage of anti-gay bullying for now, but this blog won’t. and I won’t wait for another tragedy to strike to talk about how important it is that we stop bullying; that we stop hurting other people; that we stop making “different” such a bad word.

I received this question from Eva, and I knew we had to discuss it. No one should have to deal with bullying; and as an avid gay rights activist, the fact that sexual preference has anything to do with this person’s torture is astounding.

This is a message I have to share over and over and over again until anti-gay bullying stops. If you’re dealing like this gURL is, here’s how:

Have you dealt with bullying? What’s your advice for gay teens? Please leave your comments to support this gURL and the many others out there, below!

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