advice gURL: we spent the night sporking and then there was silence

sporking is spooning with an erection. yeah, we weren't quite sure at first either.

laurynariel113 spent the night cuddling with a guy she’s crushing on (and that she thinks crushes on her back.) So when they both wake up the next morning, and he makes no mention of the night before…what’s a gURL to do?

So. ive known this guy for a about a year and a half, and we ALWAYS flirt with each other, [so much so] that little kids can tell. And i like him sorta but im unsure if he likes me too. This past weekend i spent the night over his house with his cousins (im close friends with his sister), and throughout the night we kept spooning and sporking. And each following day he wouldnt say anything about it just act like it never happened, so idk if this means he just likes my body or he wants to “explore” our relationship/friendship. HELP!

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Have you ever had your crush totally blow you off after something special? Has a guy shown…er…physical interest but never said anything about it? Offer your advice to laurynariel113 now by posting in the comments below!


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  • Anna

    yeaaaa i have someone like this too.. i just enjoy the flirting and the sexual tension.

    just don't take it seriously & it'll stay fun ; )

    don't get into any situations that could hurt you in the future – unless he commits and proves he's trustworthy.

  • Curiousity Killed th

    Before I start, please don't judge me on this. It's one of my biggest regrets. Here we go: I had a similar situation where a guy (who claimed he was a virgin) I met in college took my virginity and ran off with it. I had never messed around with a guy until I met him and had developed feelings of attachment. I was 18 years old and 100% a good girl. I thought we were on the same page: to explore sex together. I went to his house and the opportunity was there, so I decided to try it. He didn't take interest in talking to me again. A year later, he texts a "sincere apology," that he wants to be friends again, that he's not looking to get anything from me [BULLSH*T]. We've been talking as friends, but I see a pattern… We have messed around again, flirt from time to time, but only when he wants a "quick fix." I haven't had sex with him, though. However, I regret letting him see that my guard goes down when he's around even though I said he wouldn't get anything out of me. Now I'm cutting him off without letting him know because it's for the best. I can't keep hurting myself anymore. So, from my experience, I say to avoid physical contact unless you like being a booty call. I know it's hard since you like him, but I was silly to not go with my gut and I let my emotions act for me. If you see that this is how he is and you're going along with it, then you are going to be stuck in a vicious cycle, my friend. Please don't let him degrade you or disrespect you like that. I don't know you, but I know you deserve better than a guy who only uses you for physical fun. We all make mistakes, but when you sense a deja vu, make a run for it! Good luck and take care.