advice gURL: my bestie wants to take my sweetie

natalie portman’s latest boyfriend ditched his lover of three years to be with nat. ouch.

undefined78 isn’t official with her sweetie yet, but they’re close to it. The only problem? Her so-called “best friend.”

She writes:
So, I think my bestie might like the guy I’m seeing. We aren’t official, but everyone knows we will be soon. I’m starting to get a little irritated. Even if she doesn’t like him, she’s getting really …clingy. Like she went on his facebook and then copied something he did.

And then today both of my besties are going to go do something. I can’t go. And she asked if he wanted to go. I told her he’s working at some point today. And not to count on him going because I won’t be going. And he’s busy.

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She just wouldn’t take the hint. I’m irritated because they’ve only met like twice. And while they got along well, he doesn’t know them all that well. It was at a party setting, with a lot of people.

Am I right to be irritated? Either she likes him, or she’s trying too hard to make him like her as my bestie. I mean, really, they’ve met twice, and now she wants him to come with them to go do something WITHOUT ME? That’s just not cool. If they were really close, sure, I wouldn’t mind. but they don’t.

How do I talk to him about it and deal with her??

Can you help her out? Do you think her bestie is honing in? Or merely trying to be friends. Offer some advice by replying to her original post, or by posting in the comments below.


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