Reader Hookup Confession: One Kiss Leads to Another

BTW: Love the name!

Today’s Hookup Confession comes from FruitLoop, who had a night out on the town engaging in a club-crawl event for students called “Carnage.” You can read her whole story here, but we gave you the juicy part.

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I was talking with two of the other girls we’d gone out with and we started talking about kissing girls for some reason. I told them I’d never kissed a girl before so they were like, you should kiss us! So I got my first girl kiss experience. :p One of them wasn’t that good, the other one was pretty good. 🙂 Kissing girls is quite different from boys isn’t it? It’s more soft I guess. (I much rather prefer guy-kisses to be honest though)

Anyway, after that I was on a roll! I kissed my gay friend, I kissed one of my flatmates (a guy) and then I kissed N, and one of his friends J! One of N’s other friends, S, was trying to get away from M, who was one of the girls that was with us, and was hitting on him SO bad it was kind of embarrassing to look at. So he asked for my help and I started dancing with him and getting farther away from our group of friends. Then we had a good chat and he goes “can I ask a favor?” so I said sure. “Can you be one of my five, so M can get the hint that I’m not into her and the reason that we kissed was just for Carnage?” So I kissed him (he was AMAZING by the way :p) and then we left that bar to go to the club which was our final destination.

In the club as we were all dancing, I don’t know how it happened exactly, but me and S got closer and closer, and suddenly we were grinding and then making out! So that’s how I spent the rest of the night at the club.

Have you ever had a night where you’re just on fire? Share your story, too!

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  • we stopped doing this when she turned 11 but me and my step sister use to make out with each other when we played house or whatevr but she was always the guy so… i feel awkward now

  • Cutie_Lovables

    I’ve kissed girls before. The feeling is amazing, you feel so wild and daring. Plus they r gentler kissers ;*

  • jayjayabs

    that sounds amazing
    waz it good

  • Jade

    OW OOW! well done 😉

  • Ana

    awww i want a guy to hold me like tha and kiss me [[= lol