advice gURL: wanting to feel wanted

poor kim is often unlucky in love

rosies4posie is feeling lonely. She wants to feel wanted, and she wants a real relationship. Do you have any tips for her?

She writes: So I really have never had a boyfriend or anything that was real. Just the stupid little middle school crap. And to be completely honest I want to have a bf or friend with benefits because part of me wants someone to hang out with other than my only friend and the other part is just plain old lonely. I want to feel wanted. So I know the whole it happens when you’re not looking and all that jazz but I can’t seem to stop looking long enough for that to work.

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Please help me out! Thanks gURLs!

Do you have any tips for her to get noticed and make new friends? How can she find someone to love? Post in the comments below.


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  • Ana

    ok i think she should be herself but play hard to gett,,,people always tell me guy like what they cant have,,,but you need to be yourself cuzz if you actully duu hook up with them then they might not like who you really are you know!!!! so ig im jus tryna say just be yourself but play hard [[=

  • Daniella

    Everyone wants to be noticed and its perfectly normal. even the most popular people. all they want is to be noticed and feel wanted hence why they feed off attention.

    If you want to be more noticed the thing you DONT want to do is change who YOU are.

    BUT that doesnt mean you cant change things ABOUT you to, lets say "spice up" your look.

    maybe changing your hair colour or buying some flirtyy clothing or a new pair of shoes.. that might get you noticed.

    wanting to be wanted? want a bf or friend with benefits?

    well you could always look towards a guy friend. got any? if so are you in anyway attracted to him? cuz if you are what you want to do first is find out if he is at all attracted to you. talk to him about wanting to experiment with dating or just even a simple practice kiss.

    for friends, its all about your perssonality.

    certain personalitys will draw certain people to you. sometime its harder though, depending on what kind of person you are.

    my guess is yourr most likely shy, and your not a fan of conversing with new poeple. but if you want to make more frineds your gonna have to stand up and be confident.

    try and make conversation with people that sit around you in class maybe that person whos locker is right next to yours.

    see one of your friends talking with someone else? walk up to them and introduce your self 🙂

    i hope this has helped you in some way, and look.. dont worry i was shy once and had a problem with making friends.

  • Candice

    Hey i know how you feel i am 17 almost 18 and i have never really had a bf or anything like that, but one thing thats not really good to have is friends with benefits because i like this guy right now and all he wants is sex he said that does not really like me and he doesnt want t kiss me or anything like that all he wants is sex and hes not sweet he does not want to go out with me at all so friends with benefits is not always the best thing because in the end you will still feel lonely and not wanted.

  • Hayley

    I swear, you are gonna hate me for saying these two things: 1. You have to wait for a good guy to come around and 2. Go out of your comfort zone, be a little more ambitious and fun, people (and guys!) will notice, it just takes some time