i want to delay my period for a week. is it possible?

dear heather, I just found out that I get to go visit my boyfriend over Christmas break! The only
problem is that I just realized that is the week I am supposed to get my period. If
I double up on my birth control for the week, will it stop my period from coming for
at least a week? Or are there any ways to make my period wait? Please help!

I’m glad to hear that you’re on the birth control pill and are having safe sex. Obviously you’ve been reading a lot of gURL.com :). But yes, there is a way that you can delay your period if you’re already taking the pill.

Odds are you’re on the 21 day pill, which includes 21 pills and 7 placebo pills, or “sugar” pills per month. The sugar pills are taken during the one week of the month that you’re on your period. The 21 pills are taken once a day for about three weeks, and the 7 placebo pills are taken in the 4th week.

But if you’d like to delay your period, you should go straight from the third week of your cycle to the fourth without taking your sugar pills. Beginning a brand new pack of pills in your 4th week essentially fools your body into thinking that you already had your period that month. Just make sure to take the 7 placebo pills once you want to get your period again the following month.

But, be aware that skipping your period, especially if this is your first time doing so, can result in some spotting or bad cramps. Also, know that it’s not good to skip your period regularly, but if you’re doing it just this once, it won’t mess with your cycle too much.

Hope that helped, and have fun (and keep being responsible and safe!) with your boyfriend!

take care,

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  • raman

    I am practicing for physical test of sub inspector. Its on 22 sep. Today i am having pain in my tummy it is a sign that periods are about to come today or tomorrow. What should i do to have them after 22.i am married and not taking any birth control pills

  • Nataniella A.

    Hi I have a question please please answer this ok so my predicament is that on April 18-19 I’m going to kalahari and I am suppose to get my period on the 18 and I’m going with my friend and her 16 year old brother and I take pills and I have already missed five of them what do I do I’m only half way through the pack please answer thanks bye.

  • kung fa yang

    Dear Heather,

    My Boyfriend and i have been dating for onlyy half a year. whenever we talk on the phone, he is always talking to me about sex. he keeps telling me that hes at a curious age right now. he wants to have sex with me. but i dont want to and i dont know what to say. whenever i say no to him, hey always get mad at me…what can i do to tell him that im not ready? what can i say?

    • Natalie

      He shouldnt get mad if your not ready to have sex. I am a virgin and when i was with my boyfriend we would talk about it and he would ask when i wanted to lose my virginity and i would always say i wasnt sure and he was fine with that. A while later we broke up, and i was glad i did not have sex with him. Its stupid for your boyfriend to get mad because your not ready and he shouldnt pressure you. And it gets REALLY annoying if guys ask all the time even if they know the answer is no.

      What you can tell him is that if he really wants to be with you and have a sexual relationship with you too than he can wait until YOU are ready:) and if he really loves you, HE'LL WAIT:) sure he might bug a bout it from time to time but tell him that it gets old talking about it all the time and you have your mind set that you dont want to have sex yet.

      hopefully this helpes!!!


    • dana

      Most guys get mad when you tell them you aren’t ready if they only really just want sex. Being a little bummed is normal but getting mad tells you alot about what , in his mind, is more important. Value yourself and don’t fall into peer pressure. You have plenty of time. You will know when you are ready. Be strong, stick to your guns and you won’t regret it. Plus, there are too many diseases you can catch by having sex, not to mention problems it can cause in the future with your private parts. Also, If I where you in this day and age, I would be proud to be a virgin cause it is rare now a days. Treat your body with value and love because it is the only one you get. Save it for someone who appreciates your worth and respects your choice to not just give it to just anyone. Be proud girly. I was 19 when I lost mine to the wrong guy and have regretted it ever since. I am now 37. Use protection when you do so you don’t end up like me. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what I am telling you and I am now also HIV positive. That was from my 1st sexual experience. Now I resort to only having those relationships with others that are also in my boat.

      • dana

        We where married too by the way.

  • Autumn

    Dear Heather, (or anyone else who can help for that matter), My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months, and I want to try giving a blow job. One problem – I don't know how, and I dont want to admit that to him, because we both challenge eachother on what we can and can't do (in a playful way). So if anyone can help I'd appreciate it, our 7 months is coming up so, I want to know ASAP. Thaaanks!

  • Guerrita

    you cant delay it,, wish you could or else i always would bt as far as delaying it no,,

  • Alyssa

    Dear Heather,

    This sounds really weird but im relly wanting to lose mi virginity, but im a little nervious to. Mi boifriend wants to be mi first time and i relly love him but i'm really nervious about it, i dont even know how to have sex, or what position to be in and the chances of getting pregnant are, i will make sure he is wearing a condom but anything else i can use to be safe and how do you have sex? hes not a virgin so i don't want to "suck" at sex. Please Help!

    • Natalie

      well he knows its your first time so thats good.So he wont expect you to know everything.

      It hurts the first time you have sex, alot of girls say they were just waiting till it was over lol

      but after a while it feels better. You should just follow your boyfriends lead and if your really into it

      you wont have trouble knowing what to do lol.

      Hope this helps:)


  • Kit

    Dear Heather,

    Can guys tell if you'r not a virgin or if you are?

    • I hope not

      • but sadly I'm in 5th grade so what do I know

    • Emily

      some guys can and some cant. some think that you are and some dont. people dont change if they are or not. Im not a virgin and not many people know im not until i ask. now granted if you act like a hoe or something else to that matter people will asume you are. But i know a lot of my friends that are not one and you would think they are until you ask. I asked my friends how many people think im a virgin most of them said i was one. some said im not only because they new me longer than any of the other ones. I told them i wasnt one and they where surprised…. So you can see no no one can really tell if you are or not it all guessing. Some get it and some dont