first period: destined for gURLdom

there's a first time for everything.

It’s that time of the week again! First period! This gURL was “Destined” to get it right when she did:

I got my period on or around January 13, 2001. I distinctly remember that period (ha!), because it was a couple days before one of my good friend’s 12 birthday (January 15th) and she was having a party that day because we didn’t have school. I remember thinking, “Oh no! I have Amy’s party. What if I can’t go?!” Anyway, this is how it went down:

I woke up on a Saturday morning and called my best friend for our normal weekend morning chats. She blabbed on about her boyfriend, as I flipped through the latest  issue of SeventeenDestiny’s Child was on the cover – and played Ja Rule’s “Put It On Me” in the background. Once she stopped yapping, I told her I’d call her back and went to use the bathroom because I had a very big stomach ache and thought I was a.) going to throw up or b.) blow up the bathroom toilet with a bowel movement.

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When I sat down on the toilet, I heard a large plop. I knew nothing came out of my derrière and instantly assumed I got my period. I looked down and was correct. I was annoyed. I wasn’t ready to start wearing pads, nor did I want to grow up just yet. Getting my period meant that I was “becoming a woman.” Excited or not, I ran up the stairs and woke my mom up (she worked the grave yard shift at the hospital).

“Mommy! I got my period!” I yelled as I shook her. She woke up in a frantic and told me to go grab a pad from the bathroom. I told her I already had one on because I saved some from the “Growing Up Program” the previous year in school. She told me to sit down and we had “the talk.” My mother told me that I wasn’t allowed to let any boys touch me inappropriately and that my Tomboyish ways were over. I now had to act like a woman.

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  • Kylie

    oh god my first period sucked. i got it january 7 2010 so almost a year ago! i was 13….i was getting ready to take a shower and was going to the bathroom. i looked down and saw blood. i immediately freaked out and txted my mom who was at the store (thank god!) and picked me up some supplies. haha it lasted for almost 11 days…. i hate periods

  • KatamaDama

    Around the beginning of sixth grade (I was 11 1/2), I had my regular check-up at the pediatrician's office. Near the end of the check-up, my mom asked the doctor when I would get my first period. My doctor confidently said I wouldn't get it for another few years.

    A few days later, I decided to wear my favorite frog pajamas to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, the shorts were soaked with vermilion fluid. I was shocked, but I simply took them off, went to the bathroom to put on a pad, and went to my mom and quietly said, "Mom…I think I'm having my period." She was also quite surprised since it was so different from the doctor's prediction, but after seeing my shorts, she knew that that must have been it. We still laugh about that from time to time 😛

  • Amber

    GOd i hated my first period okay i just got done watching some freaky show about the world is going to end in 666 and me and my family were moving from our cozzy state Maryland to sunshine Florida. About that time i was 11 and everybody was packing and stuff and i needed to piss for a bit so sat did my bussiness went to clean and there it was a red stain and i immediatly started to panick so i sat there for hours in the bathroom not knowing wat to do sooner or later my fam starts looking for me and some one bust open the door revealing my glory to the world to all my siblings and parent i told them straight out i think i started my period and then there like "OMG let me see" or"My baby is growing up my little girl" or "are you sure your not lying are"or"tampons or pads" it was terrible having so much reactions from so many people looking down at you while your still making boom boom on the toilet and up till this day i havent forgotten about it. Most people would forget their first period but i always remember mine on 666