advice gURL: how do you get your family to trust you?

if only there was scotch tape for trust

comfortableplussizegirl is living with her brother, who has taken it upon himself to be her father. We don’t see anything wrong with that, per se, except the fact that he doesn’t seem to trust her.

She writes:

I lost my father in 2004, my brother left for the navy later that year my sister left for the army in 07, My mom just moved to Texas and I’m living with my brother for a few more weeks till she gets our home ready. My brother got out of the navy in 09 and he’s been trying to be my father since then. I got a message on facebook from his friends niece telling me my brother asked her to “keep an eye on me” she said he thinks I’m doing something wrong. My sister got pregnant at my age but chose abortion(Which I’m against) I think he thinks I’m doing the things she was at my age but I’m not I’m a straight A good teenagerinnocent. How do I get him to realize I’m not doing ANYTHING wrong?crying

Needing Advice,


Can you help her out? Have you ever had to win back your family’s trust? For something someone else did? Something YOU did? Let us (and MaKenna) know by replying to her original post, or by posting in the comments below.


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