cyber sex: celebs losing their virginity and the reasons all relationships end

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These dreamy Hollywood guys once had acne, bacne, and braces, but they still managed to lose the big V. Find out who de-flowered some of Hollywood’s finest men. (hint: Matthew Morrison was 21!!) [The Frisky]

| But what about gURL celebs? Peek the virginity loss of more celebs here! |

Speaking of dreamy guys, the one who’s story about his parents divorce you thought was cute because it made him seem vulnerable? Turns out he’s more likely to get divorced himself. [Tres Sugar]

And if you decide not to dump him just for that, well…commitment, communication, or money will probably end it all eventually anyway. [Shine]

And once you’re back on the market, you can flirt, flirt, flirt all you like. But chances are you’ll hate dating. [Crushable]

more ways to get gURLy:

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