ask Tegan & Sara: my bf’s mom hates me ’cause i’m “undecided”.

these twinsies rock. hard. and give great advice, too!

Tegan and Sara are back for their final question from you gURLs! Loads of questions came pouring in to them, via Facebook, Twitter, and on this blog, and we wish they could answer all of them, but Lena will certainly take a peek for next week. But as the gURLs head to India to perform hits from their latest album, The Complete Recollection,  they couldn’t get to them all. But here’s what Nichelle wants to know:

My boyfriend’s mom is a strict Christian and she found out I am bisexual.  So, now she wants my boyfriend to break up with me cause I’m “undecided” and thinks I won’t be “faithful” to him ’cause I might cheat on him with a girl. What should I do?

Hey Nichelle!

I think that your boyfriend’s mom should mind her own business and I think your boyfriend should make up his own mind. I have no idea how old you all are but I assume that you are fairly young. In thinking that, I would say that you don’t have to make up your mind one way or another about who you are and what your sexuality is. You never have to decide in fact. I think in the future a lot more people will probably consider themselves bisexual or not classify their sexuality so clearly.

No matter what your sexuality though, you should talk to your boyfriend about monogamy. If the two of you decide you are going to be monogamous, or have already, then it shouldn’t matter how you classify yourself, you should stick to your word.

Hope this all makes sense.

Good luck!

– Tegan & Sara

Have you had to deal with overly discriminatory parents? How’d you deal?

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