advice gURL: can webcam sex be more awkward than the real thing?

justin bieber got "caught" on hiw webcam -- what do you think he was up to? agreed to have video cyber sex with her committed (albeit long distance) boyfriend. Problem is, she’s not all that comfortable stripping down in front of him. How can she get past her nerves and finally let the magic happen?

So, [he] has a webcam now.

First off, I get really nervous talking to him when I can see him.
It’s difficult, but it also makes me happy,
because it reminds me of a childhood crush.
That’s seriously how I feel about it.

Webcam sex.
I know that everyone’s got the basics:
Talk dirty, strip, M-bate, tuhdahh.

The thing is, uhm,
I’m worried about the “strip” part.
I don’t have a very “hot” body, and, while I don’t mind my body,
I’m aware that viewing it over webcam…


Plus, I barely have phone sex down.

WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

What do you think about webcam sex? Would you do it?  Give your advice below!


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  • skylar hoban

    Hi justin I luv u

  • Justin Bieber

    why is my pic on there!!!!!??????

  • Jess (

    Thanks for the change gURL! 😀

  • Jess (

    Thanks luv.

    But, well, you know me and my situation a bit-

    I think I'm going to wait it out until we've seen each other like that irl first.

  • Jadey

    You don't need to do the whole webcam sex thing! The real thing is better. Plus he could print screen you or anything and post pics of you all over the net. Trust me, only do it with someone you're in a serious relationship with – and even then, you probs will hardly ever do it cos havin real sex is better =]

    • Jess (

      @ Jadey-

      I am in a serious relationship with him,

      I don't care if he screencaps me, I trust him, and if he wants some pictures on hand, so be it,

      he wouldn't put them out over the net or anything.

      We're just long distance,

      which would also explain why it's even being thought of- "the real thing" can't happen right now.

      Thanks though!

      (The confusion is understandable).

  • Tamora

    your boyfriend is with you because he loves YOU. plus your a beautiful girl he'd be crazy to not be turned on 😀

    confidence is the sexiest thing a person can have <3

  • Jess (

    >_< I love how they make it sound like he's just some random guy.

    He's my fucking boyfriend, we're in a serious relationship,

    it just happens to be an LDR right now.

    Gurl, could we possibly fix that scenario?

    "Guy she has a crush on" makes this sound WAY too sketchy…

    • Mee

      Yeah…that's what you say right now!

      If he loves you and you love him then you will wait for the REAL thing.

      Just do a a strip tease or nothing at all!!!

      Sorry, but long-distance relationship? Really? 😐

      • Jess (

        Um, excuse me?

        What's what I say right now?

        And me wanting to have the closest thing to sex that I can have with my boyfriend doesn't mean we love each other any less.

        And what are you "really"-ing about my relationship?

  • Lucy

    First off – I agree with Montie; don't do it at all if it makes you feel bad. But, sometimes getting over the nerves of this kind of thing can give you that little bit of affirmation you need to feel comfortable and have a great time. Personally, I've had webcam sex a number of times (and I too, have all kinds of hang-ups and insecurities about my body) and it's been a great way to experiment while maintaining a lot of control.

    I'd recommend taking it piece by piece. Firstly, have all the fun you want getting naked in front of your webcam, just for yourself. Find angles and close-ups that make you feel sexy. Decide what you might want to show this guy. Maybe the first time, you just want to show him one or two things, and then if that goes well, you can get more brave. Just be coy about it, and make it sexy that you're choosing to tease him a little and keep some bits hidden. He'll get it.

    And if you get too uncomfortable, log off, and chalk it up to a wifi mishap!

  • montie

    if u dont feel comfortable doing it then don't. and if he cant respect that then dont bother with him. its better to wait then to do it an later regret it trust me ive been there an done that. an remember ever girl rocks. ur curves are what makes u an sets u aside from everyone else. u are beatuiful regardless.

    • Jess (

      Thanks hun.

      I know he respects me and finds me beautiful and all that junk,

      I just don't have much confidence.

      I probably will after our next visit together, and maybe we can use the cam to get by next time. =]