people say my best guy friend likes me

dear heather,

Everyone keeps telling me that my best guy friend likes me. I’ve never really paid attention before, but he always calls me pet names, uses cheesy pick up lines, tells me he loves me and jokes around about us getting married.  I always thought we were just joking around until someone brought it to my attention. Now I don’t know what to think or how to react. Help?

My first question would be how well do you know the person that brought this to your attention, and how well does that person know your friend? If s/he’s best friends to the two of you, s/he might be on to something. If it’s just a friend of yours, s/he might not understand the relationship between you two. If it’s a friend of his, s/he might know something you don’t, i.e., he told him/her that he liked you.

I would strongly encourage you NOT to freak out, or act any differently around your friend, at least until you know how you feel about him. It’s entirely possible that he just likes to joke around with you in this way, but he also may be leaving the door open for a romantic interaction.

Do YOU have feelings for him? Or do you only like him as a friend? It seems like he’s happy either way, but if you want to pursue him, you’re going to have to make the move. If you’re fine being friends, try to brush off what that someone said. If he likes you, it’s up to him to tell you, and you don’t have to let rumors make you feel uncomfortable around your best friend.

Hope this helps!

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  • chloe

    same here my friends and i have been friends for about a year and when ever we see each other he always gives me this really big smile, and when ever he hugs me it feels like hes pressing his hips into mine and he always says something sweet weather it be a compliment or just saying that hes so happy that we’re friends someone help me……. could it just mean that he wants to be closer or does he want something more

    p.s i kinda like him that way too

  • Andy

    Same thing here. My best friend is a guy and he always is touching me(not inappropriately for our age). I have had multiple people be like is there something more than friendship between you. On of a our friends, a guy, asked if he was hitting on me cuz he was leaning all over me. My exboyfriend noticed that we are ‘always touching in some way’. And the other day in G&T when i was the only one in the room, my teacher asked me if he liked me, because he is in the G&T class to and is always around me. Its so annoying. But people who know us know that there is nothing going on.

  • OMG!!Same Here!But We Actually Went Out And All.I Guess It Was Okay But It Wasnt The Same Cuz I Couldnt Talk To Him The Same Way:(We Split After A Year And I Ended Up With His God Brother..The Feelings For Him Stil Havnt Gone:(But I Guess They Never Will.When I Talk To Him It Reminds Me Of When We Used To Date.It Was Good But We Argued Alot.I Still Love Him But I Cant Call Him My Best Friend Anymoree!!:(:)Xxx<3

  • nybrokenheartedgurl

    Ohmygosh- Same thing with me! Well…kinda:

    -Everyone sees us and says "He likes you, You like him. JUST DATE ALREADY!" To the both of us

    -He is always messing with my hair

    -He kinda flirts with me

    -He's given me his jacket twice when I was cold

    -Compliments me

    Does he like me??????? Please help!!!

    • Lool!Yh:)He Doees!Do U Fancy Him Or Are U Just Attracted To Him?Trust Me Theres A Huuuge Diference:)

  • Alex

    it wouldn't have hurt to post this earlier. it might have helped me. espscially that do not panick or freek out part. XD