Confession: I Popped His Pimple

it's like true blood meets a proactiv commercial

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My boyfriend and I were a vampire couple for Halloween this year. When I went over to his house the other day, I saw his costume hanging up on his closet door. I decided it’d be fun if I dressed up in it and messed around. As we were making out I started biting around his neck—he likes that kind of stuff. I got to this one spot that I bit and sucked on. Then, I felt something squirt into my mouth. I panicked and pulled away, to find I had popped a pimple (on his neck!) and tasted the puss on my tongue! It was super gross! Never am I playing vampire with him ever again!

Eww! Good thing she loves him, right? Has anything crazy like that ever happened to you when you tried to be spontaneous? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • OriGirl

    Oh my gosh poor u! I hope that doesn’t happen again

  • star

    ewwwwww. i’ve had my boo fart in my face, i’ve even taken out his boogers, but i have NEVER tasted his pus from anything! i just can’t imagine. ewww

  • lauren

    There is something called an accident? I pop my boyfriends pimples all the time. Once your comfortable with your significant other, none of that matters.

  • chattiekattie

    How do u get pimple on ur neck?

  • Nefra


  • Macy

    EWWWW! OMG that must be gross! sorry.

  • Elizabeth

    My biggest fear

  • Daisy


  • Sasha

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! I would’ve been like, “I’ll brb, gotta pee.” *barfs in toilet*

  • Nita03

    Eww,dts uncnditionl lurve 4 live


  • Michster

    eww!! that's disgusting! uhhh, pimples on his neck? that's…interesting…? Nice pic, haha.