advice gURL: her dad suddenly got super overprotective

i always feel like somebody's watching me...

Most gurls have to put up with an overprotective father. But what if he’s changing right before your eyes? goth.girl is watching her dad turn into an overprotective hover-machine. What should she do?

i have gotten to the pre-teen days and my dad is… well i am not sure how to describe it. well ,what ever it is, he is starting to make me feel like i am three again.yelling and that is not even near this sucks. he doesn’t even want me to be walking a block and a half to school. it is like he thinks i need protecting every second of the day.does this ever happen to any other girls?

Has this happened to you? Do you have any advice? Let goth.girl know by replying to the thread directly, or by commenting below!


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  • Makennah

    Seriously, annoys me to death he is like right there at all times i can barley even play basketball outfront cause he’s so overprotective seriously dad im groing up im not a little kid anymore

  • Yepp. My dad does the EXACT SAME THING!