discuss: kat dennings gets naked on the internet

nothing to see here, folks. just another naked celebrity.

Where there is a celebrity and a cell phone, chances are that nude pictures will eventually hit the internet. We just didn’t think it would be Kat Dennings.

Yes, it’s really her. Nudie pictures of the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist star began making the internet rounds last week, and though her rep has attempted to scrub the internet clean of the pics, perhaps this latest instance of leaked photos should serve to warn us.

We’ve asked your opinion before on posting naked pictures of yourself online, as Courtney Love occasionally does, and Hayley Williams denies doing, but when the photos are leaked, who is to blame then?

Should we assume that we can’t trust anyone? Or, are nudie pics NBD since they are becoming de rigueur?

Let us know by posting a comment below!


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  • kaye


    Theres nothing wrong with being nude, ie. walking around your house au naturel.

    But save it for behind closed doors.

    And don't go posting it on the Internet.

    You never know where your dirty laundry is going to be aired.

  • Aimée

    Explain how posing for a nude photograph is encouraging men to obectify women?

    There is nothing wrong with being nude. If anything, it's attitudes like your that encourage men to obectify women.

  • chelsea

    That is disgusting. This "Oh I'm gonna pose nude for attention to temporarily boost my sagging self-esteem and pretend I did it cuz it's 'empowering' and not trashy and unwomanly at all" NEEDS TO END! Young girls and even grown women are degrading themselves to slabs of meat just for friggin' money and the attention they crave. They need psychologists to work through their self esteem issues instead of encouraging men to objectify women, women to objectify themselves, and to act as the role models most of them are to young girls.

    And for goodness sakes, this girl needs a makeover so, so bad.

  • Cat

    I find it disappointing that a star like Kat would take nude pics of herself. She is one of the actresses that I admire b/c she has a pretty clean record, until now of course, and she's kind of the weirdo girl next door like me. I think any celebrity should know better than to take nude pics b/c there is always a chance that someone can find them and leak them. They don't care if your reputation is tarnished they just want the money, so I think all celebs should be careful and not pull anything like this.