ask Tegan & Sara: how do I tell a gURL that I like her?

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You asked, Tegan and Sara answered! Loads of submissions came pouring in over the weekend via Facebook, Twitter, and on this blog, of course. We’re taking our first q from Emmie on Facebook.

Hi Tegan and Sara! Thank you for your incredible music.  Your song ‘The Con’ has gotten me through some really interesting moments in my life. I’m gay, too, and really appreciate what you do. Anyway, how do I tell a girl that I like her? Love, Emmie

Hey Emmie!

Well, there are a lot of ways. You could ask her out, you could write her a letter, you could tell her in person. I think first you have to be sure she likes gurls and that she likes you. If you think she does, then jump in! I know a lot of people who had bad experiences in high school with asking gurls out because people were still judgmental about gay people. So just be sure that whatever you do it doesn’t cause you more grief than its worth. That being said, be brave and be who you are! You never know!

-Tegan & Sara

Have you ever asked someone out only to get burned? Have people passed judgment on you for who you’ve liked, or the gender you like? Share below!

Tegan and Sara will be back tomorrow with more answers to more questions! Want yours answered? Leave a question in the comments here!

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  • I'm 16 and have been going out with my girlfriend for a year and two months.Me and her have been talking a lot about having sex we both feel comfortable around each other.We have done things but not full blown sex yet.Alright now the question is how she we go about this whole thing?

  • Parker

    My friends don't understand me. I like girls and i lost a lot of my friends after I told them. But I know those people aren't real friends to abandon me. One of my friends wants to experiment with me to see is she is gay. I don't really like her but I want to help her. What should I do?