advice gURL: he says sex ruins relationships

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sydneytotherescue wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. The only problem? Her boyfriend says sex ruins relationships. She wrote on the Shout Out Boards:

So I’ve never had intercourse, but my boyfriend has. we’ve been on and off for about four years and he never makes sex a subject of choice. and when we encounter in foreplay he always stops before anything major happens. he says that sex has ruined every relationship he’s had over the past year and he doesn’t want it to ruin us. sometimes, i wonder if i’m just not good enough for him? i mean it makes no sense for a guy not to want to have sex! do you think he’s lying and has an STD or something?

|Lena answers whether sex makes him bored.|

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  • You should be happy about this.Enjoy it! This way you are sure he does not just want you for sex.