i’m black but i’m attracted to white guys

dear heather,
I’m black, but I’m attracted to white guys. I don’t think they find me attractive
at all. I approached one and he said he would call, but never did. Should I just
go ahead and date a black guy because it seems like that’s all I’ll ever be able to

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to who they’re sexually attracted to, whether it’s gender, race, height, or whatever. So you being a black gURL attracted to white guys is no different. Just because you may think it’s abnormal to like guys outside your race, it’s actually really, really normal. Tons of celebs have dated outside their race, so why can’t you?

Don’t let yourself “settle” for a guy you’re not attracted to, even if he is within your race and you think he likes you. Do you really want to date someone who you’re not happy with, just because you feel like that’s what you should be doing? Didn’t think so.

Also, keep in mind that just because you met one white guy who wasn’t interested in you, that you doesn’t mean all white guys won’t like you. Don’t sell yourself short! You’ll fall in love when you fall in love — no matter what their skin color.

take care,

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  • Michael J

    im white ,and i find black girls really nice,interesting and hot.. cheers

  • YuiGyaruRamen

    I’m always thinking this. D: I like Asian and white guys. Black guys are cool too but I’m more into Ghanaian guys. (Must be cause I get my background from there). But none of them notice me. -_- This one Asian guy, I told him I like him and he said he wasn’t into that kind of stuff. So I was like ok. Then later I found out he asked out some Asian girl. He could of just told me he didn’t like black girls. ;__; Now I’m sad.

    • carl

      I’m white and I love black girls I would love to find a black girl that’s into me

  • hot_stuff111

    true.i have been wanting to date a white guy all my life,i dated this white guy once but honestly i dont think he liked me as much i did.white guys are just so hard to notice us….
    seriously,i have given up….

    • Tracy

      I am a tall thin black pretty people say model looking girl and according to this website I must be an anomally, I attract ALOT of white guys all types of white guys and the hottest and smartest ones.Other black women do not understand why I attract sooo many white guys, more than anything. I also attract asian guys, Japanese, Chinese etc. I like all types of guys.

      This one black girl hater tried to tell me that my current boyfriend, who is white that men like him only like blondes. I laughed at her and cutt her out of my life. Take care of yourself, work out and look good and you can get any guy you want. My self esteem is very high, no one can tell me I am nothing.

      Some of you need a self esteem and confidence check.

  • Shayshay

    I totally agree. I ONLY like white guys.

    • Jeremy R 19

      Im a white guy and I’ve been finding myself becoming drawn to interracial dating

      • deedee


  • blahblahblh

    Heck yea it's ok to be atrracted/date white guys.

    Im black and I'm HIGHLY attracted to Justin Bieber and my current boy crush at my school is white. So never settle, some guys are just jerks.

  • Chyna

    Girl , there isnt anything I would be upset about maybe that one guy was a jerk and didnt see that he had a beautiful girl in front of him. And I'm mixed ( Black & White) And dont make a guy make u feel bad about your race hun.

    • daniegleat

      I never had a crush on black guys for some unknown reason


    Just because that 1 white guy didn't call doesn't mean all the white guys out there are like that.

    Just brush off that guy cos he wasn't all that and a bag of chips 😉

    Your a beautiful black girl who deserves the best 😀



  • spirit

    girl plz im black and i'll date anytime of race in guys

    (but i go to an all white school so i have no choice anyway)

  • Alex

    this is happening to me too. and not only am i attracted to white guys and i am Asian. but i have tons and tons of white guy friends. and all they think of me as is a friend. i just cant stand it sometimes. XD

  • panth753

    I've always dated people outside my race. Don't let attitudes or stereotypes bother you and get in the way of who you love and want to be with. 🙂

  • KatamaDama

    I know exactly how you feel! I'm white, but I like Asian guys. It seems like they're all too busy dating other Asians to notice me, though. I don't think I'd want to date a white guy (I'm fine with being friends and such), but it seems like everyone I know kind of assumes I will…I guess that's not the best way of explaining it, but since you're in more-or-less the same situation, you know what I mean! XD