tegan & sara are gURLs new guest bloggers!

these twins are double the fun, double the advice!

Tegan & Sara, the amazingly, doubly talented twins who have six incredible albums and songs that make us laugh, weep, and dance at any given moment, are gURL’s first ever guest celebrity bloggers!! We couldn’t be more excited to have such talented and thoughtful ladies offer their advice to your most pressing gltb questions.

Want them to answer yours? Leave your q’s in the comments below! And watch out for their first post on Monday!


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  • Mei

    Hey Tegan and Sara, I love you guys and your music. You guys are hilarious. I heard about you guys when one of my friends was talking about your music, so when I got home later that day I decided to look you guys up and I loved it! But anyways, this is a really random question… but what are your thoughts on butterscotch?

  • Daiana Rosa de Souza

    Hi My name is Diana and I'm 23 years old. I am Brazilian. Well, in my complicated life I've always been sure about my sexuality. I like girls. But my mother. She has always been a problem. She is pastor and does not accept my condition. In short, there were many fights, lost girlfriends, and finally, some people will not understand this, but I met a guy, she pleases me, love me … But I can not forget the girls. I am not dating anyone now, and not even think about dating a girl because it would cause many problems, but there's a girl I want to approach her, not sure of their choice, but she looks at me, and it moves me. Help me, I want to talk to her but do not know how she takes the bus with me every day. Help me. '

    Ps: The music is great and you love the fact that you know and Paramore have been touring with them.


  • Alyce

    Hey, just wanted to ask you guys started off so young with music was it difficult juggling music with other aspects of your life?

    Oh and favorite band you've each ever seen live?

    Hope you guys come tour the UK soon only heard you this year and man the music is addictive.

  • Sage

    Hey Tegan and Sara.

    So I'm 16 and I'm about as gay as it gets. My problem is that I'm only out to about 4 close friends. I don't go a day without hearing something very offensive and geared toward the LGBT community. No one is out at my school, but I'm so sick of hearing these things, and I'm afraid for the kids who are still in the closet. For them, as well as me, to hear those comments… it would keep them from coming out.

    So do you think, for my sake and theirs, I should come out to show that they are effecting people, who may be some of their best friends? A few of my good friends are often bashing gays, and I think if I came out, it could change their mind.

    Hope to hear from you!

    – Sage

    P.S. I've been a fan for a long time, and you've inspired me to want to make a career out of music. So thank you!

  • Sandra Sanchez

    ,Hello ladies,

    I just wanted to know if you guys had any advice for a girl who has come out to her siblings and friends but not her parents? I know that they may already have a hint of it and that they have an idea of me being queer but How can I try to get over this fear of coming out to them when every ten minutes they make a homophobic comment?

  • Hey hey!

    How are you guys?

    Okay, So I was thinking questions I could ask. I have so many(of course)

    but I think I will go with…..this one…

    Who are your icons?

    Simple enough? Right…?



  • Brittany

    I think I might me bi becuase I know I like guys a lot! but I am having feelings for girls lately.

    It's just that I am interested in my friend and I know she's straight and everything so

    I don't know how to act around her anymore because we have gym together and every time I look at her

    I get all flushed and I have to hide that fact.

    But I just don't know what to do to be sure that I am.

    and thats its not just hormones.

  • Abi

    I am fourteen and for around a year or so I have only been attracted to girls and before that I was never really interested in boys. I think that I may be gay, but since I am the age where I am still sort of going through puberty I don't want to jump to conclusions, since many teen sites say that it might just be a phase.

    So I was wondering what your views on determining someone's sexual orientation in the early teen years are and if maybe you could give me some advice on sort of figuring it all out?

    Oh and this may sound cheesy but I couldn't resist. Tegan, you are definitely one of my biggest crushes. Now that I am completely embarrassed I will say goodbye.

    • Mei


  • Realtin

    hey guys!

    I am gay, but I haven't come out to that many people yet. only a few friends know, and the ones who do are also gay. How should I tell people? Should I just sit them down and say I've something to tell them or just let them figure it out themselves?

  • Rose Anastasio

    How scary was your first relationship with a girl?

  • Brittanie

    I'm going to agree with Emmie, The Con is just an incredible song/record and has been a great out let in recent times. The back story to my question goes like this. I was an elite athlete and wentask all girls school and practically no contact with boys my whole life. When I finished school I finally came to accept that this was because I like girls. I met a girl and she'd been in a 3 year relationship and I'd obviously never been with anyone. She had chased for about 5 months and I finally let her in but then soon after I got too scared and bailed. Now she is dating another girl but I'm still really good friends with her and we hang out all the time. As the year has gone on I've liked her more and more and we both still know there is still chemistry etc, what would be your advise in going about getting her back, or should I just give up?

    Thanks, Brittanie

  • Isabelle

    Was it harder to come out to your friends and family or to the world?

    do you guys compare each other alot?

    and i wanted to add I LOVE you music, i find girl musicians so Hot and i wanted to thank you two since i found that if you two could be open with the world i could be open enough to tell the people around me that im a lesbian too 😀