ask lena: how can I help the cause against bullying?

seriously, anything.

Bullying has made it back into the headlines as Demi Lovato chose to end her tour with The Jonas Brothers (where her ex was) to get some help. But only weeks before that, word of the really tragic suicides of several gay teens who were bullied was the talk of the nation. But this is nothing new.

Bullying is a major problem and loads of celebrities are speaking up about when they were bullied and are helping spread the word and making a good example of not bullying either. Perez, I salute you. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a HUGE difference. Marine wrote in and asked me what are some ways she can help stop bullying and make a difference that’s as big as a celebrities.

Watch my vlog below for my answer. And gURLs, I’m here for anything you want to ask, so email me at and let’s talk.


P.S. Check out MTV’s great online resource, Draw Your Line.

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