hookup confession: back from bahrain

Today’s hookup confession comes from ldy_lthl24, but it isn’t about her. Rather, it’s about her friend Bri’s trials and tribulations with a guy named Gilbert. But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!

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Bri’s story (as told by ldy_lthl24) follows:

So, my best friend Bri got proposed to on Halloween! It’s actually a really cute story!
She and this guy Gilbert have been together for 5 years,They got engaged and both joined the Navy, he got sent to Bahrain and she was still in Pensacola, so they decided to take a break and the engagement was no longer.

She dated a few people in Pensacola, he also dated some people. Well, she finally came home from Pensacola for 2 weeks before she got sent to her ship near Bahrain and while she was here we had a long talk and she was almost sure that her and Gil were done for good. She was so sad.
When she finally got to Bahrain a few days after she left here, she e-mailed me and said that when she got off of her plane she was waiting for her bags when she bumped into someone. The person she bumped into was like “Can I help you with your bags?”

She turned around and to her surprise, it was Gilbert!!!

On Halloween he proposed to her in the middle of a huge Halloween party!

Aww. We at gURL send our heartiest congratulations to the happy couple.

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  • Celeste

    I HAVE BEEN LIVING IN BAHRAIN FOR 8 YEARS WOO!!!! Usually people don’t even know what bahrain is.

  • aelx :)

    awwww. that is soooooooo sweet and cute and romantic. she is soooooooooo lucky!! love this story. 😉