Ask a Guy: What Does an Erection Feel Like?

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Hey gURLs,

Me again. Thanks for all of your questions and feedback on my first post. I’m going to answer your questions every Thursday, so please keep ’em coming. And if you want more of me (on this blog, that is) just ask! Now on to your questions…

Shon asked, “What does getting an erection feel like?”

Well, Shon, the short answer is, AWESOME. But other than that, I guess I’d say that when a guy gets a boner, it feels like all the blood in your body is rushing to your junk and it feels like your penis is going to explode. But in a good way. Do you ever get turned on? It’s probably similar to how a guy feels when he’s aroused, except with some serious hardware going on in between his legs.

You may have heard this before, but it’s probably important to point out (haha) that erections can come out of nowhere. Translation: just because I have a boner doesn’t mean I’m turned on at the moment. A gust of wind, friction, boredom—all these things can trigger boners. I’m not complaining, but sometimes that can make for some awkward moments.

Oh, and did I mention that erections are awesome? 😉

Hope that answers your question. Until next time, keep posting more questions you’ve been dying to ask a dude but been too afraid to ask. See you next week!


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  • Shanna

    My boyfriend and I have gotten as far as making out without shirts and basically fingering though I haven’t had the guts to put my hand down his pants, though we basically dry humped while making out. How do I know what I felt is an erection and not just his penis?

    • Erin P

      It will be harder and stiffer, and should be slightly visible through his pants. But if his penis is not erect, you can always try stroking/fondling it to make it erect.

    • Kitten

      You’ll know. A penis is kind of soft and squishy, but when it is erect, it’ll be bigger, and very hard. Generally speaking, if you felt it while you guys were making out and things were “getting hot”, he had an erection. It’s pretty unmistakable.

    • Richard

      His erection is his penis, but hard. When its hard you just can’t hide it. It just shows he like you or he’s horny,

  • EM

    So I’m kinda embarassed to say that I don’t have much experience dancing with boys, but it’s not that I don’t want to or that I haven’t been asked it’s just that today’s idea of boy-girl dancing freaks me out. So I guess my question is if guys really only now how to grind/have pseudo sex or do they just prefer to dry hump (sorry for the blatant term) and use “dancing” as an excuse?

  • Macy


  • niaBOO

    haha must feel the same way when our clit is erect. its the same thing which is pretty kool. even tho its a different part on our bodies as a girl it works the same way. =) so i guess we kinda know how it feels.

  • Raven

    Please help. So I like this guy and I find my self going la la la , thenWAHMO I'm staring at down there and I think about that he has a um, you know. And I think really think, and then he caches me. So he comes over and ask me' did you do your science homework' you know he thought I was studying down there. Lmao. But no everything is fine. Now he looks at me funny. U know? Kinda sweet-ish. So what do I do? Help a sister out! What do I say?

  • imy

    There is a guy that is totaly into me. He never leaves my side and when another guy tries to talk to me, he scares them away. This is really putting a strain on my social and love life. I am totally not into him but i dont like hurting peoples feelings. How can i tell him that i dont like him without being rude or breaking his heart?

    • Roza

      I had this exact problem about a year ago and it ended REALLY BADLY. Eventually, my best friend got fed up with it and decided to make a really mean joke at his expense. In front of a whole group people she said something along the lines of, "go to the library and check out this really great book called She's Just Not That Into You. Honestly, get a clue!" The poor boy just about started crying and wouldn't talk to me for months. I was really mad at my friend too, and we've since stopped hanging out. So if I were to give you any advice, it would be to do what I didn't have the guts to do, and pull him aside and tell him that even though you think its really sweet that he likes you, you don't return the feeling and would like some space. Good luck and i hope ur problem ends better than mine. 🙂


    • Daneka

      You should just tell him that at the moment your interested in exploring life And different people so it would be pretty cool if you would let me get some air and space to do that

  • Shon


  • Hahah!I Was Making Out With This Guy And I Sat On His Lap!I Felt His Boner,It Was Ticklish!:)He Asked If It Was Weird And I Said No If He Didnt Then I'd Think I Was Doing Something Wrong!:)XxxxX:D

    • Roxy

      lol hat happened to me except my bf and i were layin down and his friend was there and he grabbed me leg and pulled it over his boner and said "willies gone up!gotta hide it!" LOL

    • Anonymous

      Haha so almost the same thing happened to me I was dancing with a guy and he had a boner. But I knew that he was about to get one when I went to dance with him, he told me, but I guess I dnt dealt care because I am just creaky comfortable with him.