first period: pads and broken bones

there's a first time for everything. period.

Whether it’s your monthly gift or monthly curse, your period is a part of you. And getting your first period is pretty exciting. Just don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you break something — like a bone. Read one gURL’s story below, and if you want your first period story shared email us at

A gURL reader writes:

When I had my first period, I was in 8th grade and it was during school.

No big deal right? So i just took a pad from my friend. Well the same exact night, I broke my first bone. It was right below my shoulder so I was in the ER from 7pm-12am. Because the doctors were deciding whether they had to preform surgery or not. When the nurse was asking basic questions for the medical records, she asked me “Have you started your monthly cycle yet?” and I said “Yup, suprisingly, I started today.” and then she giggled and said “What a great way to start off being a woman right?”

Has anything crazy happened to you while you were on your period? Share your stories below!


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  • lindsay

    it wasn't the first day, but the first cycle of my period was the week of my bat mitzvah. i guess i was becoming a woman in more than one way.

  • Danielle

    omg when i first started my period i sprained my mcl(a muscle in your leg…by the acl) not only did i get to start my life as a woman(teehee) but i also got to sit out four games of my basketball season!:(

  • Lindsey

    When I got my period I was away at summer camp for the first time. It was completely akward since i was only eleven and since my period was a rusty brown I figured I didn't wipe good enough. I was so confused why my underpants were always dirty every day! Finallly, when I got home, I got the real deal- tons with red. My mom was really confused why it only lasted a day, but then I realized I had been getting it for about a week without knowing it!

  • Serena

    Haha! Somethin like that happened to me, too. I broke my ankle in two places the day after getting my period.

  • jennybgood

    Periods and broken bones? not cool! I'd be so embarrassed to tell my doctor back then. Why is period getting so embarrassing? I don't think it is no, but back then, it was the worst thing in the world. weird.