STDs? there’s an app for that.

Doctors and technology developers are working together in the UK to develop an STD screening program for mobile phones. Meant for people who are too scared to go to their doctor or a free clinic to get tested for STDs (herpes, gonorrhea, HPV, etc.) the idea is that you put urine or saliva on a small card, and insert it into the phone. A few minutes later, the phone will tell you what (if any) STDs you have.

Since we’re all already super connected to their phones it seems like a logical step. It would be great for this technology to be used for other diseases as well…maybe one day instead of people saying cell phones give you cancer, you’ll be able to use your cellphone to see if you have cancer!

| Wondering if you have an STs? Well, FYI, read all about it! |

But we wonder, if people were too scared to see a doctor to get screened, will they go see one if they find out they actually have a disease? And would you use this new technology? Or would you rather hear medical news from a doctor, not your Blackberry (or iPhone, whatever)?


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