can two gURLs have protected sex?

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Can 2 girls have protected sex?

Yes, they can! When gurls have sex with gurls, they don’t have to worry about birth control– but they can and should do things to protect themselves from STDs, both of which can be transmitted through vaginal fluids and saliva.

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Protected sex for girls who sleep with girls isn’t about condoms (unless they’re sharing sex toys); instead, it means using other forms of barrier protection. The chances of disease transmission are increased if there are even tiny cuts in someone’s mouth or on their hands, through which germs can enter the bloodstream. Dental dams, cut-open condoms, Glyde dams and plastic wrap (the kind used in the kitchen) can be used during cunnilingus to cover the vaginal area. For sex involving fingers, latex gloves and individual finger coverings called finger cots can be used.

Of course, no matter who is involved, the safest sex of all is no sex at all…

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  • bootswitthafur

    ok well first of all how is it possible to have sex wit a girl???and i've never been wit a girl!!!

  • luvli

    what is sex with a gurl like anyways?

    • lalala

      it could be like oral sex too. ive never done that before because im straight. so yeah lolz

    • Ashely

      It’s called ‘scissoring’ where you guys , or girls 🙂 just kinda scissor your legs. Or anal &/or vaginal with sex toys.

  • Who cares???

    Heather is just trying to scare you by saying the safest sex is no sex. However i wouldnt have sex with a girl (iam a gurl) Because you wouldnt get as much sexual pleasure. But i guess its your decision……

    • Anais

      I doubt that's true.

      If you're more attracted to women than men then obviously you're going to get more pleasure from a woman. Furthermore, women might be better lovers because they know what women like so there wouldn't be as much guesswork involved.

      I don't know if that is correct, but it seems logical to me.

      • Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most veiratcy.

        • Ariana

          well, me and my best friend Amber have experimented with it. you can lick and suck each other down there you can rub your vaginas together (called scissoring or tribadism) you can suck nipples….. whatever! you don’t have to be gay, bisexual, or anything to experiment. it can be a fun way to get close to your bffs and stuff.