ask lena: does sex bring you closer? or make him bored?

feminist sexiness!

There are a lot of myths about what sex can or can’t do for your relationship. One of the most long-standing is that having sex will bring you and your partner to a new emotional level. But what about that old adage about buying the cow when you can get the milk for free?

gURL reader vso92 wanted to know if sex would bring her partner closer…or not.

Watch my vlog below and tell me if you agree in the comments below! Do you think physical intimacy increases emotional intimacy?

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  • M&M

    very good video. it really depends on the couple. it brings husbands & wives closer, for sure. so it can do the same thing for unmarried couples. however, it's a big risk– there are no guarantees. i wouldnt suggest it. especially in a relationship that's not entirely stable. if you've been together for a long time– at least a year– and are 100% sure he's committed emotionally & not just physically, well, it's your choice. but i'd HIGHLY reccomend against it, especially if those requirements aren't met. just think it through really well before you do anything.