ask lena: is anal sex being submissive?

does gender role matter in anal sex?

Anonymous asked: Do you think when a gURL is recieving sex anally that it is her being submissive?

I don’t think sexual acts and roles are easily categorizable. Submission implies some sort of power play, but not every act of anal intercourse is power play and not every power play involves penetration.  Even if two people engage in anal intercourse, the role of the dominant and the submissive are not determined by who gets penetrated by whom. Every hear of the term “power bottom”? Google it.

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Sexuality is diverse, and occupying a certain role (being a top/bottom/flexible) on one night with one partner doesn’t mean that you occupy that exact same role every time you have sex, even if the specific sexual act is the same. A lot of the psychological aspects of sex (including dominance) vary depending on the partners and situation, and of course, good sex is based on mutual trust, respect, and consent, regardless of who’s calling the shots in bed.

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P.S. Do you feel like it’s being submissive?

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