Meghan McCain rips Bristol Palin for not voting

the senator's daughter's "insightful" soundbytes

Meghan McCain, Senator John’s politically active progressive Republican daughter, spent last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where, amongst many other incite-ful (maybe insightful — you can tell us what you think) things about Sarah Palin, let it loose on her daughter, teen mom, Bristol. “I guess it’s only important for Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing With the Stars,” she says.  “I think a lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote. Anyone that doesn’t vote is just ridiculous.”

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Wait, did she just insult everyone who didn’t vote? Do you think there are good, justifiable reasons for not voting? Is it anti-feminist to not vote? An insult to the women before us who fought so hard for our right to have a say? Do you think she was just talking in incendiary sound bytes?

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