advice gURL: i’m scared to pee in public restrooms. help!

this may not be your scariest toilet encounter

brooklyn_jay from the Shout Out Boards shares an unusual problem…but we have the feeling she’s not alone.

So I have this fear of peeing in public restrooms when other people are there. Especially if they are quiet. It just won’t come out! No matter how bad I have to go. And some times I have to close my eyes and think of other stuff so that I can pee when people are there talking. Anybody else have this problem? Know any cures?

Any advice for the pee shy?

What do you think? Do you ever have problems peeing in public? Share your stories, advice, or thoughts below!


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  • Sara

    Had the same problem! It just sort of seemed to fade away really, although i still dont like it if its super quiet!

  • Jay

    Wow I thought I was the only one! I still get that though I don't pay too much attention and just try to remind myself that everyone in the public bathroom pees too and no one's trying to listen to you. I still try to avoid going in school unless I have to.

  • Isabelle

    im like that too, i really hate public bathrooms… i usually go when i REALLY have to go only, and at that point i close my eyes, and tell myself that noone cares about me in the bathroom. but i usually avoid going, and even more at school.

    You are not alone!! 😀

  • Sam

    I have this problem sometimes too! I find it does help to, like you said, relax and think about something else. Or just realize that nobody is paying attention to you or judging you based on how you pee. It's totally normal and what happens in bathrooms and if they are paying any attention then THEY are the one being weird, not you.

  • jennybgood

    I totally have had that, especially at school. I don't know how I got over it, I think there were times when I just had to go so bad, I couldn't wait for people to not be in there. Plus, think about all the people who do much grosser things in there like fart and poop and stuff. There's nothing wrong with peeing. It's just water mostly.