first period: handwritten notes

three's a first time for everything. period.

We’re sharing first period stories. You know, that special time in a woman’s life, the one you’ve waited for so long, the one that is often filled with embarrassment and awkwardness. (Don’t worry, it gets better.) Want your first period story shared? Email us at!

This gURL editor was so freaked out, she couldn’t even talk about it!

I remember so vividly the day I got my first period. It was just  a few weeks before my 13th birthday and I was in school. I ran into my friend’s classroom, who had already gotten her period, crying and scared and asking her  to help me. She gave me a pad, showed me how to open it and how to stick it on my underwear. I was so emotional – and really uncomfortable – the rest of the day. People coming up and congratulating me didn’t exactly help matters.

And how did I tell my mom? I was too embarrassed to mention it face-to-face, so I gave her a hand-written note explaining what had happened. She approached me about it later that day and asked me if I was ok, and I, yet again, started bawling like  a baby.  Guess PMS is a real thing…

Do you have crazy PMS? Share your worst PMS stories below!


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  • Coco puff :)

    I just got my first period today( or 2nd this one hard more blood anywayxD) I hve know clue how to tell my mother I know people say just say it my little sis knows about IT and how I have IT Can any one give me ideas on what to sayTHXZ:)

  • Paulene

    I got my first period when I was 12. I was in my grandma’s house and I had the urge to pee so I went to the bathroom and I noticed I had blood all over my underwear. I knew it was gonna happen someday and my mom taught me how to use a pad, so I didn’t freak out. I used toilet paper as a pad temporarily and I told my grandma what happened and she kept telling me “Congratulations!”. There were no pads in her house so I had to wear a diaper instead until we went to the store to get some. The diaper felt really weird…. 0.o

  • marzina

    boy, my period is gonna suck for me i faint when theres a lot of blood

  • julia

    when i got mine, i didn't tell my mom for a whole day. I knew where the pads were so i had a hassle free start to my misery. I even fell comfortable telling my guy friends. it really no biggy. At least us girls don't get "happy pants moments" like guys. Also, when i got mine i immediately texted my bff, in all caps i wrote, "OMG EMMA I JUST HAD "IT"! WTF SHOULD I DO!" Emma first thought i had had "it" as in lost my v-card. lol, we still joke about that misunderstanding.

  • My was on the weekend before Christmas. I got up and went to the bathroom ( as usual.). When I noteds I was peeing blud. I yelled for my mom and she said "Congragulation, you stared your period.' I was in shock. (mouth open, could Not say a word.) My stop her period so we didnt have any pads!!!!!! My mom had to drive in the snow. I told my dad and he was in shock. (So were my older sisters!) And my period lasted for 7 days. Thanks for reading!!!!!

  • Autumn

    I remember my first period! I was at an amusement park with a few friends and felt weird "down there" but thought nothing of it. Then we go home around 2 am and I was brushing my teeth/going to the bathroom and noticied the brown discharge I freaked and started to cry an had to go wake my mom up. She wasn't happy but she was excited.

    I also thought it would just be a drop of blood every so often x.x I kinda wish it was. Then I asked my friend if it was just a few drops and she told me it's unending flow of blood and I freaked (I hate blood) I reall hate it though and never looked forward to it. I'm almost waitng for when I turn 50 so I can get rid of my period.

  • Ume

    I'm in grade 8 and only me and 3 other girls in my class don't have it even though we are 13 🙁 on top my mom hasn't even given me the 'talk' and I'm freaking out! Man when will I get my period I'm so impatient I feel so left out. Whenever the teacher asks who haven't gotten them, I dint raise my hands cuz it's kinda embarrassing… Only like 3 people know that I don't get them yet.

    What if I stain some chair or something when I get it? Whoa I'm like totally having a mini heart attack 😉

    • lacreisha

      hey yall readin this, gurl, MY mom hasnt given me "the talk" and i have mine. she DID give my older sister the talk" and she said its not all its cracked up 2 be-its really awkward. also, dont feel left out-you are so lucky! its so annoying! i have a teacher like that 2-but its our science teacher, whos a guy. when you get ur period, you wont stain the chair-i got mine(AGAIN, sigh) at school and had to ask my math teacher for a pad…..not my best move. if you DO get it at school, then ask a friend 4 a pad(or a teacher/nurse) and go put it on. you'll be fine but your teacher shouldnt embarrass you like that! well, good luck with….all….THAT.

  • liviajenn

    My first period happened exactly on my first day of year 8. My periods always seem to come on some important day, like they did two months ago: they came on the day my (now ex) boyfriend asked me out, then the month after that, they came on the day he broke up with me. hahaha. And I was already emotional that day, so I cried when he broke up, even though I didn't care much 😉 such great timing!

  • not tellin you my na

    i havent had mine yet but is there really that much blood

  • DawnS,L

    i remember having my period n i was in school, i was so emotional too lol i waas angry at the alightest things n noone but my best friend knew. this guy was tilting his chair back against my desk n i said stop like i kinda yelled n he was like shut up i got so mad i scooted back n pulled my desk back so fast he slammed down on the floor ,ah the good old days lmao i still get like that sometimes but its gotten toned down( lucky for my dad)

  • Vanessa

    Oh, yes. I got mine when I was twelve, the summer before I turned thirteen. I was outside thw whole day running around, so I didn't even know I had it until I came in because I had a softball tournament. We lost that day. Haha, fun times.

  • Mitchie

    I got mine before I started first year high school. I actually didn't know that I had a period because I was feeling all sorts of sick– puking, diarrhea, stomach ache, head ache, nausea, etc. (I have gastroenteritis) I actually thought that the dysmenorrhea I was feeling was just LBM or something. lol And that the stain was just, you know… Then I told my mom that it's weird coz every second I had to change my underwear. hahaha, sounds stupid, I know. I didn't even FEEL where it was coming from since, as I said, I wasn't feeling well. Then, my mom told me I had my period. And I wasn't exactly psyched about it since the pain just added to my discomfort. haha, bad timing.

  • fhddhfhshfhhcrazyyki

    i just got mine today!! I'm fifteen in two weeks time exactly, and ive watched all my friends get theirs and ive always thought 'im ready to get my period. why can't i get mine?' I've been waiting for my period since i was 9 years old. But today, when i looked down in the toilet bowl to see blood dripping down, i freaked. my mum was busy downstairs with someone over and ive been home sick, so at first i attempted to wipe the blood off me but there was so much, more than i had expected. id always thought there woould just be like, a few smears, idk. but it freaked me out, even though i should have been so prepared! now im really excited though, and i can't wait to go to school tommorow and talk to my friends about it!

  • Rose

    lol thats how mine was. escept i was like ten or elevan

  • nybrokenheartedgurl

    Yeah, mine was one month ago XD (im 13)

    I remember that I didn't think it was my period. I was one of those girls who thought that your first period would be bloody and REALLY heavy. All it was, was a TON of discharge with blood mixed in. It also only lasted like, 3 days. All I could think was, that was it? Anyways, I remember screaming, and my older sister came in and got me a pantie liner, and then made sure I knew how to put it on.

    Ahhh, periods>.<

    • I wish I had an older sister 2 help me W/ stuff like that to bad I have 7 bros