ask lena: is it normal if my labia hangs down?

lips come in many shapes and sizes. both the kind on your face and...

We  worry about our physical appearance. It’s human nature. No one is perfect (even celebrities!), but that doesn’t stop gURLkind from obsessing over what we think are “flaws.” Even ones most people never see.

rachelisacult is embarrassed about her labia, since one side hangs down more than the other. It has even kept her from getting naked in front of her boyfriend! So I offered her some advice.

Watch my vlog and tell me if you agree in the comments below! Do you love your labia? Are you insecure about the way it looks?

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  • Steph

    My labia hangs down…I can’t wear bikinis because it leaves a buldge… It is my only insecurity..I worry about it constantly.

  • Anonymous

    My vagina walls hang down. And im afarid to get naked.

  • What's A Labia?

  • Alysha

    My right side is longer than my left side LOL! Don't worry about it it's totally normal, I know lots of girls with the same insecurity.