pregnant 10-year-old gives birth

10 year old momma

Teen Mom? 16&Pregnant? Try not even reaching your teens! Maybe, say, 10? That is exactly what happened to a 10-year-old girl in Spain. AOL News is reporting that the young girl gave birth last week to a healthy baby. According to the article, this isn’t too rare in the grandmother’s native country, Romania. “The daily Diario de Jerez quoted medical staffers who treated the girl as saying they were told by her mother that giving birth at such a young age is common in their country.”

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But in Spain, it’s rare, and the government is reluctant to let a 10-year old girl be a mother and wants to take the kid into custody. Do you think the country should intervene? Is a 10 year old fit to be a mother?

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  • Kirti

    It’s unbelievable how this 10 years old girl gets the baby. Ask her parents to take care of the baby.

  • Erika

    i don't think you guys should get really mad at her. its a cultural thing. i mean, i think its still wrong for 10 year olds to get pregnant, but thats a way of life there. I think that her parents [the child's grandparents] should take custody of this baby. i think she'll get enough greif from everyone screaming at her online. So maybe instead of releasing your anger at her, maybe take set up a program that makes sure kids around the world won't get pregnant.

  • maddy

    i think that the baby should be taken into custody by the girl's family. Sure, a ten year old is in no way ready for a baby, but maybe a baby sibling? I don't think it's fair to take a child away from a loving family. It's weird though… how did a ten year old get pregnant? How does she even know about that? It's astonishing. Still though. Let her parents, the child's grandparents, have custody over him/her.

  • Gabby

    What is going on! How did a 10 year old get pregnant! Even more how did the girl know about sex? This is insanity and that baby needs to be taken away and the families of these children should be heavily questioned.

  • Absolutely sickening and disgusting. Take the baby away, a ten year old is in no way fit to mother a child. This makes me want to puke, I mean, I'm 13 and me being a mother would be extremely insane, so a 10 year old? HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Brittany

    Omg. That is disgusting and disturbing. It's unbelievable how fast kids are growing up! That 10 year old is still a child herself! So, that baby should be taken away! Especially from the family! Who let's their 10 year old have a baby, or be sexually active in the first place?! It's CRAZY. I was probably playing with BABY DOLLS at that age like every other normal child.. Not giving birth to a real one! Nor did I have a full concept of how a baby was made!

  • Jenna

    ru kidding me!?no way a 10 yr old is ready to take care of a baby! 16 yr olds arent even ready to take care of babies!!! u shouldnt even have sex before marriage anyways. plus if ur having sex at these ages u could barely even take care of your own life. What makes you think you could raise another if you cant even take care of yourself?

  • Annie

    I don't think a ten year old is fit to be a mother. I don't think a ten year old should even be having sex. They need to find out who the father is and press charges!