hookup confession: hide and seek

This week’s Hookup Confessions comes from gleegal723. Read on (it’s really adorable) and be sure to share YOUR stories on the Shout Out boards, or email us at askanexpert@gurl.com.

A bunch of my friends and I were playing manhunt (you know, like hide and seek but all over the neighborhood) and this really cute guy came with my friend. He looked so hot in camo btw. Anyway, we happened to be on the same team (I almost died in happiness) and we all spread out to hide. I knew of this great hiding spot down the street under my neighbor’s porch. It’s a little creepy, but no one EVER finds me. So, I sneak in there and I scream! My crush is already hiding there! Luckily, no one heard me.

So we start whispering and stuff, and it sucks because I can’t see him. But he starts putting his hand on mine (freaking out inside) and totally flirts with me. We must have been under that porch for like an hour. We didn’t care about the game. After a while, our lips get super close and he kisses me! And not like a gross kiss. A sweet soft one! Ahhhh.

Seriously, the best day ever. We ended up dating for a few weeks, but he lives far so we are just friends now.

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  • miaaaa


  • Sam

    did u ever end up DOING IT?

  • Melissalovesyou

    Awww adoribul! I actually am gonna have a game of manhunt with my friends, and purposely invited my crush xD it’s only the 4 of us, and my friend already called my friend, so I’m stuck with my crush :DD hopefully , things go well, and I get my first kiss 🙂

  • Magaly

    Thats soooo cute omg thats like the cutest thing i ever heard. 😀 <3

  • Caitlin

    I had a man-hunt hookup once, but not nearly as romantic lol.
    That’s a cute story! 😀

  • sparkle44


  • MissNewYork

    That's so sweet! I had a little summer romance of my own. This boy and I have been friends for a while and one night after my spring dance he asked me to sneek out and meet him at his house to watch a movie because his parents were out clubbing so we sat and watched the Red Baron. It was nice but we sat in different chairs and I didn't like that so the next night he asked me to meet him outside again and so I did around twelve but his parents were home so we sat on a double person swing on one of our neighbor's docks (I live on a lake) and we got closer until he kissed me. It was the first time I've ever made out with a guy and everytime I think of it I get goosebumps but he went back to his real home and so now that's all over. It was my first summer fling and I really hope the ones in the future are like it.