Demi Lovato enters treatment clinic and we hit the boards for advice

Demi Lovato in 2008

You’ve probably already heard the news that Disney star Demi Lovato has entered a treatment facility to deal with unspecified issues.

The rumor mill is saying she went to rehab for self-injury and eating disorders. We managed to find pictures from 2008 that show what appear to be scars on Demi’s wrist, but nothing has been confirmed.

No one has all the facts yet, so take everything you’re reading about Demi with a grain of salt, but one thing we do know is that many teens are struggling with these issues.

We decided to hit the Shout Out Boards, to see what advice gURLs like you have to offer anyone (Disney princess or not) in this position.

Tykki-toast hasn’t cut for three months! She says “If I feel like I need to cut, then I usually go for a run or do some crunches.”  Many girls on the board also said listening to music helps them when they feel the urge to cut.

close-up of what may be SI scars on Demi's wrist

| Have some more suggestions to fight the urge to self-injure? Offer your advice here. |

curiouser.and.curiouser had some advice for those struggling with eating disorders, bulimia specifically.
“Please remind yourself of all the things that you don’t want. You don’t want your throat to be raw all the time. You don’t want to feel like your chest is going to explode. You don’t want rotting, disgusting teeth. You don’t want to smell like vomit. You don’t want scabs all over your hands and nails eroding from the acid. You don’t want ulcers. You don’t want your ED back, even when you think you do.”

| More gURLS share their advice for coping with EDs, so hit the boards and share your thoughts below.|

Both eating disorders and self-injury can stem from a need for control. Control over your weight, control over your body, control over your life. If you live a constantly busy life, or a life where you feel like you’re not the one making the decisions, you may yearn for something that you can control, which is why many gURLs do turn to eating disorders or self-injury. If you would like some more information, or you’re wondering about rehab, check out our fast facts.

We wish Demi the best with her treatment, and hope to see her back on the red carpet soon. If you or someone you know if suffering, please reach out and seek help. Demi did it, you can too.


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  • Kristen

    I really like Demi. She seems to be a good role model for teens and young girls. At least she is seeking help and that just makes her a better role model. I hope she gets better and can find a way to fight back.

  • At least she wants help. Other celebrities can't seem to admit to their problems nor do they do anything about it. I really like Demi and I hope she gets better.