december is a popular time for breakups, seven types never to date, and more!

Is your relationship doomed? Facebook says maybe. According to these statistics, couples are most likely to break up a few weeks before Christmas (or, at least, break up on Facebook but is there really any other way these days?). [TresSugar]

People are relaxing on their hygiene ideals. Some people are just showering a few times a week, and others are completely forgoing deodorant. Do you think that’s gross and smelly, or no big deal (as long as you don’t catch a whiff)? [XX Factor]

There’s nothing worse than dating a mama’s boy. Except for an egomaniac. Or a chronic flirt. Or a… well, just memorize these seven types of guys that you should never date. And then never date them. [Glamour]

How do you tell your best friend that her boyfriend sucks? You have to be nice, because you don’t want to lose your best friend, but you also have to get the point across so she knows you’re don’t kidding around when you tell her she should dump him–stat. [Shine]

30% of all women have gone through periods of estrangement with their mothers, and 4 out of 10 people are currently dealing with some sort of family drama. Yikes. Is it time for Family Feud to make a comeback? [Lemondrop]

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