gURL exclusive: interview with 16&pregnant’s felicia

"You're stupid if you want to be pregnant."

As we’ve learned from Maci, Bristol, Farrah and last week, Brooke, as well as the thousands of gURLs on the Shout Out Boards, being pregnant in high school isn’t exactly easy. There’s the douchebag baby daddies, the dropping out of school, the fighting with the parents — and for Felicia, featured on this week’s episode of 16 & Pregnant, there’s an uncomfortable, un-easy pregnancy and equally painful drama that ensues once baby Genesis is born.

No wonder she wishes she’d used protection. Felicia also talked to gURL about her “not supportive” baby daddy, why she thinks Sex Ed doesn’t help, and why “you’re stupid if you want to be pregnant.”

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When you found out you were pregnant, did you ever consider abortion or adoption?
No. I never thought of either. I don’t believe in abortion. My family doesn’t believe in abortion. I didn’t think about adoption because I felt that since I had made the choice to have sex I should take on the responsibility of taking care of my child.

Do you relate to any of the gURLs from past season of 16 & Pregnant?

Maci, mainly because of Ryan. My boyfriend has the same “I don’t care about anything” attitude. He’s not really supportive and not really helpful with Genesis. I’m the one who takes care of her all the time. I feel like if he wanted to he could help more when he comes home. I can’t even remember the last time he changed a diaper. I think he just thinks that’s my job – taking care of her.

Do you think all teenage guys are like that?
I think that even if they’re having a baby, most guys won’t change. Some girls think it will make them change, make things better than ever, that now they have a leash, but most guys don’t change just because they have a baby.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to give up since getting pregnant?
Probably my friends, because once I got pregnant I kind of lost all of them. I kind of just felt out of place with my friends, so I just didn’t feel comfortable and that’s what made me stop talking to them. They were all still trying to get me to do things I couldn’t do and I was like, “y’all don’t get it.”

Did you have sex education in your school?
Seeing the STDs in health class probably grossed some people out, but they showed that to us in freshman year and kids were already into sex. It probably would have been better if they’d taught us that earlier. I don’t think sex ed really helps. Kids will do what they want. Depending on the kids you hang around with, you’re going to do what they do. I think talking about protection would help and I think it would be good if all sex ed classes gave out condoms. I didn’t use anything, so I wish I did!

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Ok, so what’s it really like being pregnant that we won’t see on the show?
Well, I was very clumsy while I was pregnant. I don’t know what happens to you when you’re pregnant, but you get clumsy and forgetful — it’s harder to remember things and it’s harder to pay attention in class. It was annoying in school because the hallways would be crowded, so I’d have to cover my stomach or someone would hit it.

Also, I didn’t get big enough for maternity clothes, but I couldn’t fit into my regular pants either. There were a lot of times in school my stomach would hurt really bad because the buckle was too tight on my regular pants. It was really bad and I had these shoes that kind of looked like slippers, but they had rubber on the bottom and my school wouldn’t let me wear them, so I had to wear uncomfortable shoes and my feet hurt cause of the extra weight.

What would you tell a teenager that wants to be a teen mom?
That they’re stupid, because they don’t know the consequences or what’s going to happen; they don’t know what they’re going to have to give up, that they’re not ready even if they think they’re ready; and that they would wish that they didn’t want to get pregnant after it happened.

Do you have a bad baby daddy like Felicia? Do you agree that Sex Ed doesn’t really help? Tell us below.

Felicia’s episode of 16 & Pregnant is on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV. Come back after you’ve watched it and discuss…


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  • Lucia

    I think parents should talk about this not school… parents should be supportive and kind all your life along so that you won't just have sex with a stranger to fullfill your emotional voids… condoms won't save anyone… theyll just make you think about it more and more…

    • Stefani

      Fact of the matter is, not everyone's parents are supportive and kind, as much as we would like everyone to have to perfect parents, it's not going to happen. I respect your opinion that parents should talk about it with their kids instead of school, but I halfway disagree. I think that sex ed in school should be employed, full on sex ed, not just an "abstinence is the only answer" class, so that the kids are fully prepared for when they start to think about having sex and they know what they are getting into. You're right that condoms won't save anyone, but they do help severely cut down the risk of getting pregnant or STDs and they're still a good idea when having sex. To add to that idea, they need to teach how to CORRECTLY put a condom on in sex ed because they won't do anything for you if they aren't put on properly.

  • misha

    i dont think sex ed works either. I mean i live in Michigan and they dont teach anything except abstinence. I would feel so much better about be prepared if they handed out condoms and gave like a real conversations about sex. all they taught me was not to have sex. I learned more from my friends that had already had sex. I agree with her completely.

  • Destiny

    I dissagree with her that was her fault on getting pregnant she knew she was going to have face whats was coming to her

  • I think Felicia is the stupid one!

    First of all, she should've nott gotten pregnant.

    She cannot blame sex Ed for one's mistake… Sex Ed is to inform you not to prevent it.

    Why would a hirl have sex with a guy that she is not even sure is going to support her

    i'm just a gurl knos when a guy is sincere and when he is not. it's not that hard to figure out.

    I dont think all guys are the same… There are many guys out there that are actually caring and loving and no matter what they are goin to be there.

    You just gotta pick the right one. you just dont go around trying to have a baby once you think youre ready.. you do it when you are sure that youre good financially and have support from someone else.. especially from the baby daddy..

    Anyways i dont have anything else to say… this is the gurls' choice to get pregnant.

  • S.Hailey!

    i don't agree with Felicia about the sex ed doesn't work idea. sex ed will work, but it's up to the kid and parents to make it work. i'm a firm believer that schools should offer sex ed classes to both parents and kids. many kids don't realize how big of a deal sex is, and many parents don't know how to talk to their kids about sex. schools and clinics are places of learning, and if they would make parent-student sex ed classes where both parent and child attends together, it will get rid of a lot of the stereotypes about sex. it will help ease the tension and embarrassment that parents and kids feel when talking about sex to each other. it will get the truth out. then, parent and child can talk more freely about the subject instead of treating it like it's nonexistent.

    after that, the child may decide to do what they want to do and not listen to educators or their parents. if that's the case, then the child needs to know that pregnancy can result because of a lack of maturity by not using birth control/condoms. peer pressure is a big factor in teens decisions, but it's not an excuse when you clearly know right from wrong.

  • Brianna

    My baby daddy abandoned us once I made it clear I wouldn't abort our baby. I'm 13 weeks along and he doesn't call or check up on me in any way shape or form. 🙁