Advice gURL: She Kissed Another gURL And Her BF Is Mad.

Ever wanted to kiss a gURL?

gleegal723 on the Shout Out Boards confesses:

“i kissed my really good gURL friend the other day. i didn’t think it was that big of a deal because i’m straight, but my boyfriend got pissed! i feel bad, but i’m having a hard time understanding why he’s so upset. if he kissed a guy, i wouldn’t care because i know it’s not leading to anything. do you think it’s considered cheating if you kiss someone you’re not attracted to at all?”

jinstallation tells her, “Kisses, etc. are parts of romance, and if you’re pursuing romance, I recommend keeping it special and something only for your boyfriend.” On the other hand, sarah-bee says, “if you’re not into girls, i don’t think it’s too big of a deal.”

What do you think? Did she technically cheat? Is there a difference depending on your sexual preference? Share your thoughts below!


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  • Big Daddy

    From a guys point of view…it can echnically be viewed as cheating….that being said….

    Most guys wouldn't mind as long as you are completely honest and open about it to him BEFORE doing it.

    You got to warm us up to something like that. Some guys don't like those kind of surprises. I am not one of them. It's HOT!!

    He's probably jealous and mad that he couldn't watch. Make it a priority to let him watch it all in it's entirety 🙂

    Having dated lots of women and been in this situation a few times, I can only remember not liking it once, and it was because the other girl didn't want us guys watching while they played.

  • Cat

    I think the question he wants answered is why you kissed her. He's most likely afraid that you secretly have feelings for her and are not telling him. My advice is to reassure him that you are into him and him only. I don't know why you kissed that girl, but he probably needs to hear that you're not going to leave him for her any time soon.

  • C R

    It Was a Kiss Most Guys Love Watching g on g Tell Him it was just a kiss and it meant nota and to suck it up.

    stand up.

  • RuthSama

    I don't think it counts as cheating if it was purely platonic. If it wasn't platonic, then it's cheating.

  • Stephanie

    You technically cheated on him. Whether your boyfriend is okay with it or not. Kissing is intimate and should be reserved for the person you're romantically involved with and such. Either way.. whether you're attracted to the person is no excuse. Kissing someone of the same gender can hold any of the same meanings as kissing someone of the opposite gender. Your boyfriend has his own opinions. You may be fine with him kissing another guy, but he is obviously not okay with you kissing other people.

  • kasey dear

    kisses are something intament and things as such should only be shared between two ppl and I personaily would be super pissed with you if you did so.

  • faizah

    i think it is, because kisses= romance, usually. plus, your straight, and you kissed another girl? either you're bi or your crazy

  • kool aid

    thats like him saying i kissed my guy friend lol you wouldnt be ok with it so vice versa

  • Rhube

    Well, heck, if your boyfriend doesn't like it, then it is cheating.

    My girlfriend considers kissing to be something she would not like me to do with other people. I would not nessessarily consider it cheating, but she does, so I don't do it.

    It's all about your boundaries as a couple, though. I mean, I used to have a friend that I showered with, and we shaved eachother's legs, and spent most of our time together naked. Everyone thought that was weird, because I had a girlfriend, and if I was being naked with this other girl, then it must be sexual. But we weren't at all attracted to eachother. We sort of tested the waters out to see if we wanted to date, and it just wasn't right for us, so we just ended up being really close friends. And my girlfriend knew that, and was comfortable with it.

    But kissing is something she sees as romantic. Buffing eachother in the shower is not romantic, in her eyes.

    So that was that.

  • Lena


    if i said that i kissed another guy, but wasn't cheating because i didn't find him attractive, would you agree? i think most people wouldn't. while your sexuality should definitely be considered, i don't really blame your boyfriend for being upset. it probably would've been smarter to ask his feelings on the matter before you kissed her. while certainly not worth breaking up over, he deserves an apology. furthermore, i think to discount the kiss as "not cheating" because it was a girl is a little degrading to gay/lesbian relationships, don't you?

    just my thoughts. peace.

    • faizah


  • Hello's ! I think the problem if that your boyfriend is being protective and doesn't want you to go over to the girls. As a fix try to vent his feelings and she whats the big deal about it. But keep in mind its important to explore your sexualtiy as you get older.

  • Amy

    Hey! If you are not attracted to girls than i don't think it is such a big deal if you kiss one, and your boyfriend is making too big a deal about it. I mean so what if you kiss a girl, as long as you are still in to guys and your boyfriend then it doesn't matter. I think your boyfriend would have been more pissed if you had kissed another guy but he shouldn't be with a girl.