i think i smell down there

dear heather,
I think I smell “down there.” I am afraid to talk to anyone about it, but it really bothers me. No one has ever told me I smell, but halfway through the day I start to notice a smell down there. Could it just be me who smells it or can everyone? I don’t want to tell my mom and I am afraid to go to the doctors, but I want this taken care of. Can it be anything serious? I shower daily and take care of myself. The smell isn’t fishy, but I can’t explain what it is. And it isn’t a discharge. This is the second time I’ve noticed it and it is really getting to me.

There are a few reasons why you might notice a stronger smell, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate that there is a problem. The most probable cause is sweat glands. We have sweat glands in both the armpits and the pubic area. According to Dr. Karen Rosewater, the strong scents associated with these regions of the body grow more pronounced once a person reaches puberty. Maybe this is why you’re just beginning to notice it.That’s probably the case since you seem to have proper hygiene and don’t have a discharge. Dr. Rosewater suggests wearing cotton panties–or panties with cotton crotches–to help the area “breathe,” thus cutting down on the smell.

If you’re still concerned, though, I would recommend asking your mother to take you to a gynecologist. Be brave. Just because it’s your crotch doesn’t mean it’s “dirty” or something to be ashamed of. If something weird was happening inside your ear, would you hesitate to go to the doctor? Probably not. Just think of it as simply another part of your body you want to keep in tip-top shape!

Oh, and if anyone tries convincing you that you should try douching — don’t! Here’s why.

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  • someone….

    I sometimes can sometimes smell down there and it smells bad. I dont want to tell my mom and there is yellow crusty stuff sometimes and im wondering if its a yeast infection..

  • luvli

    i smell on my period and that makes me self-concious