you spend 5 days applying makeup, what to do when someone likes you too much, and more!

Put that lipstick away! The average woman loses 5 days a year applying makeup; the spend $1,030 a year and a $68,000 over a lifetime. That’s a new luxury car! Or a house! Or a schmancy college education! [Lemondrop]

How do you put the brakes on a relationship when the other person falls harder and faster than you? Here’s how to handle the situation, straight from the mind of a boy. Also! Get inside the head of’s very own ask-a-guy, um, guy. [Glamour]

Word on the street in the tabloids is that Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel. Ever wonder what to do if you think you’re significant other is sneaking around? There are standard tell-tale signs that give it all away. [Shine]

A new study shows that European teens have safer (and, um, better) sex than their American counterparts. Hmmm, time to move to London? [Nerve]

Scientists found that teens compulsively lie about their drug use, even when hair and urine samples indicate otherwise. Teens prefer giving the socially acceptable answer when asked if they do drugs than actually ‘fessing up. [TheFrisky]

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