does eating certain foods make my vagina taste different?

Hi Heather,

I have I guess a weird question. Is it true that depending on what you eat/drink it can make your vagina fluids taste different and smell different?

I heard that if you drink pineapple, grapefruit juice and/or water and if you eat fruits/veg (eg. pineapple, watermelon, strawberries etc…) it can make you taste sweeter and smell good (as well as good hygiene).

Fast food, meats, garlic, tomatoes etc.. can have a sour taste and a horrible smell.

Also, is it the same for guys too so that their semen doesn’t taste salty?

The pineapple juice story is one that has been passed around locker rooms for generations. Out of all the stuff you’ve heard in there, this one is actually true.

Everything you put into your body has an effect on it. And your vagina has a very delicate pH balance, so simple changes in diet actually do (slightly) change the way your fluids taste.

We’re not saying that if you drink pineapple juice you will suddenly taste like a ripe pineapple…and only a ripe pineapple. Far from it. Instead, you may find your secretions are a little bit sweeter and pleasant smelling, but it still will have the same basic makeup as the vaginal fluid of someone who eats fast food or smokes cigarettes (both things that are not good for having tasty fluid).

The same applies for guys. Pineapple juice (and other citrus juices), most fruits and some vegetables will give him sweeter semen. Avoid cigarettes, coffee, fast food and asparagus, because these are known to make spunk potent – in a bad way. But, like it or not, semen will always be salty. It can’t help itself.

Read more about your fluids here!

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  • Teresa

    If it is really true that pineapple juice water grapefruit juice and some vegetables work on making sperm and vagina fluids taste better than how many people have tried this and how can they really prove it

    • Tyra

      It is true, I’ve tried it. But also drinking lots of any fruit juice, lemon water, and bi weekly cleansing like Apple cider vinegar flush helps. I know taking vitamins, drinking ample water and fruit everyday will work, and some veggie like carrots and beets will help. Also try eating ginger, and Vitamin C. Basically the cleaner your insides are ( no junk food, and are not sick in anyway) you will smell good. Plus when cleaning push your clitoral hood back and rinse it out. Wipe the inner labia with a wash cloth rather than a sponge, and pat dry the inside when u get out the shower.

  • Sage

    How long will it take for the fruits to sink in? How long after that can you have sex with it smelling good?

    • Leshia

      Yes it is true, & it only takes for the fruit to get into your system

  • Taste like Candy

    Yes, they work. My bf drinks grapefruit & pineapple & water ONLY. I get his semen & my saliva confused when pleasing him. His semen has no taste. In which it shouldn’t. Just like water.

    I have been drinking grapefruit (with other juices) so I’m not sure if it works for the vagina. But I told him I was conducting an experiment. So we shall see. He says I have to drink water & the juice only for it to work. I also smoke & drink coffee, so I’ll run a thirty day trial NO smoking, fast food or coffee & juice & water only for 30 days.
    Let’s see if he likes it

  • Whit!

    Thanks! This really works.

  • chilosa13

    omgg thts crazyy