discuss: should marijuana be legalized?

pot, ganja, mj, grass, weed, etc...are we ready for it?

You’d have to be hiding under a a really huge rock (sorry, we can’t wait for James Franco in 127 Hours) to not hear about California’s world headline making bill, Proposition 19, that is asking Californian’s if they want marijuana to be legalized for recreational use to anyone 21 and  over.

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There are a lot of pro’s and a lot of con’s, but we want to hear what you think! Should pot be legal? Is Prop 19 a good idea? What are the pro’s to you? Could it cause any harm? Or any more harm than alcohol?

Let’s hear it.


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  • d-boe

    Pot has good and bad side effects…it has even saved some peoples lives..I do think pot should be legal because I don’t thinnk of it as something bad and harmful,,I think of it as medicine..but it is those who import it and sell it from other countries who make pot Seem so bad

  • kimberly w.

    i think that marajuna should definatly be legalized because who's it hurting?? no one. and thats my point it helps people, some people are suppoed to take and are perscribed to take all kinds of pills to help them with whats wrong but if they smoke then it helps with everything the pills are meant to do.. and that one thing can take place of everything.

    i believe that the only reason why marajuna is not legal is because the government makes no money off of it. its grown from the earth, whats so bad about it? i know i'd rather have something in my system thats grown from the earth then something someone has made, something the government has going on to help things..

  • Kate

    First off I just want to say the illegalization of marijuana in the first place, wasn't for the health of the general public, William Randolph made a bad name for it because paper companies that used hemp, were doing better than his paper company. Marijuana has been proven to have less damaging effects than tobacco and alcohol, which are both legal, and its already used for medicinal reasons. The way I look at it, people are going to smoke pot whether its legal or not. So why not make it legal, and put tax on it? not only would that money boost the economy but it would create jobs. As far as the argument goes for it being a "gateway drug", don't you think cigarettes and alcohol could be used as a gateway for more harmful drugs? But they're legal. Keep in mind there was a time when alcohol was illegal too, until the government realized people were still drinking anyway. I fully support the legalization of marijuana.

  • Ragan

    Marijuana should be legalized. If alcohol is legalized marijuana should be as well. It would end drug wars and allow many people to simply continue what they are already doing only legally. If we control it like alcohol (no driving, over 21) then it will be successful. It can even open up a new field in the economy!

  • Olivia.

    ithink marijuana should be leqalized because, if everyone smoked a blunt the world would be a better place(:

    the qovernment's just beinq qreedy, because most of the PD is either involved in druq transactions or aware that its qoinq on, just dont want to do anythinq about it,

    idont see the biq deal about jus leqalizinq it .

    the only downside is it wont be as much fun, the adrenaline yu qain from breakinq a rule will be qone because ur allowed to smoke it .

    Marijuana is delicioussss; & ithink everyone should be able to smoke it freely if they'd like too .

  • Anais

    I think that all drugs should be legalised.

    Drug addiction is an illness, and by making drugs illegal you are criminalising victims. Furthermore, buying drugs illegally means giving money to criminals and dodgy organisations, who are going to do a lot of harm to a lot of people. Admittedly giving money to the goverment isn't far off that, but still…

    Legal drugs would be safer, and it would be a lot easier to help victims of drug addiction. It would reduce crime, because people wouldn't have to result to theft or prostitutuion to fuel their addiction.

    All in all, legalising drugs would be beneficial to everyone except drug dealers, and who wants to benefit them?

    I'm not Californian,or even American, but I definitely think they should pass this law, and I think my own country (the UK) should think about it too. It's such a taboo here though, even though we tend to be more liberal than America about stuff. When a government adviser said he thought drugs should be legalised he got fired and made to apologise, and he's not the first one. It's stupid, LOADS of experts have said drugs should be legalised, but no one ever listens to them!

    • Emily

      You're kidding right?

      First off, it's an illness because people fall into drugs too deeply. Why would you legalize meth for people to buy and try and fall into that same trap? There are treatments for people who've destroyed themselves from getting involved in the first place and it's called rehab.

      Second, there would still be theft and prostitution, it's a way of making a living for some. It's not always about drug money, it's people who really may not have another option. Also, there will always be drug dealers and new drugs. Would you not be considered a dealer if you're selling in your shop?

      Third, the most common drug that they DO talk about legalizing is marijuana. Even with that if they DID, it would more expensive, taxed, and so on.

      Even something as light as marijuana causes health issues and is a gateway drug. Why would countries want to legalize that?

    • Sarah

      I agree with Emily. You're soooo kidding, right? Like drugs are illegal because they kill. Pot doesn't, it just make you relaxed and "zen". Think of things like cocaine, mushrooms, etc. ALL them being LEGAL? Cocaine is one of the main sources in drug overdoses. Same with escasty. Could you please give me a proven article saying drug experts have been legalized?

      Another thing is that, since your UK, things might be different. But in America, we have logical reasons why. First, people get rehabilitated for having drug addictions, not arrested. You only get arrested if you are caught with drugs with you or in your house, not having a general drug addiction.

      The whole point of this is that marijuana is a relaxing drug and that it does way less damage then alcohol, which is legal. I don't get how you think ALL of them should. ALL drugs are VERY dangerous and lots of people would die if they were legal. You obviously don't know what your talking about. Drug experts are the ones who decide wether or not a drug is dangerous and if it should be used. They are ALSO the ones who devoted their time to proving if marijuana was dangerous or not. You don't know what your saying!

  • Jess

    I don't live in California nor am I over 18, but if I was, I would vote for Proposition 19.

    I have never smoked marijuana in my life, and I don't really see it coming up in the near future.

    However, I think that making marijuana legal would greatly REDUCE the number of marijuana abusers.

    There are many teens who are smoking pot just to seem cool and edgy, which means the illegality is not only not stopping them, but it is ENCOURAGING them.

    Also, getting pot from dealers is much easier than buying legal drugs (such as tobacco) when you are underage. I know exactly who I would talk to to buy pot, whereas it would be harder to get cigarettes.

    If we could buy pot from a legal supplier that we could trust, the drugs would be much safer.

    As well, wouldn't it be better that all of the money being spent on pot be taxed by the government instead of funding criminal organisations?

    Marijuana is not addictive, and does not have nearly as many damaging long term effects as tobacco or alcohol- both of which are legal.

    I am really hoping that Californians will agree with me on this one, and that the rest of America and Canada will follow their example.