Cheating Is A Disorder, The Science Behind Crushes, And More!

Chuck Bass -- notorious cheater.

Doctors — or at least one doctor — has started diagnosing men who have personality traits that make them more susceptible to cheating. The [sorta-] official name is Narcissistic, Critical, Controlling and Domineering Personality Disorder. [Lemondrop]

You know when someone has a crush on you, and you think they’re nice, and you try really, really hard to like them back? There’s actually some science behind it. Five biological reasons factor into human attraction. [Shine]

Interracial couples are in TV shows, movies, and magazines pretty often these days. It is 2010. So why is it still a “thing?” [Glamour]

Online dating websites match people up based on religion, hobbies, “attractiveness,” political beliefs and more. But are these things a real indicator of what makes a good match? Can “hitting it off” be reduced to a survey? [TresSugar]

A new study shows that sisters make life easier. So if you have a sister, thank her. And if you have a brother, make him take you for ice cream or let you borrow his car or something equally awesome. [Double X]

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