ask lena: my bf lied about his age! what do i do?

lena chen - health, sex & relationships expert We know that romances where the gURL is older than her partner can totally work. But 19 year old missbree17 is a little unsure about her 17 year old beau, especially since he told her he was 18. She wants to know if it’s a big deal or if, because he’s so sweet, she should just be flattered by his persistence to date her?

Watch my vlog and tell me if you agree in the comments below! Do you think this relationship will work? Have you dated younger guys or gURLs?

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  • naughtylicious

    I cannot believe everyone is so obsessed about age differences. The question is DO YOU LIKE THE GUY/GIRL?? If the answer is YES, then to hell with age.
    There is so much more in a relationship and it doesnt depend just on age. Our minds work differently and have different needs. It is about connecting with each other that matters and NOTHING ELSE.