everyone makes fun of how scrawny I am and call me anorexic

dear heather,

I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m really skinny at 100lbs max and 5”5’. I have decent sized boobs at a 32C, a tiny waist (23”) and hips (32’). I have only ever had 1 zit in my life. When I’m not in school I do freelance modeling. And that’s where my troubles begin. Everyone makes fun of how scrawny I am. They call me anorexic and say I’m an Asian/Spic Barbie. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. I just want to be normal. I hate being treated like I’m a doll, or like I’m just plastic with nothing between the ears. I technically have the IQ of a genius (no joke), but no one takes me seriously. I’m more than just a pretty shell! It deeply saddens me that as a senior in high school, guys don’t want to talk to me. I’ve dated a couple of guys in university, but I think I was merely a trophy girlfriend. They expected me to be an airhead, and when I offered valid and intelligent rebuttals to their comments, they run away like children. What can I do to look normal? I don’t want to stand out anymore. I’m so frustrated!

I can’t change how you look, but I can help you change how you perceive yourself. You obviously have a lot going for you — but you feel that people make fun of you because of these things, when really, they are what makes you, YOU. Have you ever thought that maybe people just view you as intimidatingly beautiful or intimidatingly smart? Many guys feel emasculated by beautiful women with strong personalities. And girls can be really jealous. And both emasculation and jealousy can rear their ugly heads in teasing and name calling. It’s not fair, I know.

As for everyone making fun of you for being scrawny, just think — every girl has something she’s insecure about, and probably has something she gets made fun of for. Whether “too fat,” complaining of “too small” boobs or anything of the sort, everyone has something. Just view your skinny body as unique, and know that it’s something that many girls would kill for.

You also need to know that there is no such thing as “looking normal,” as you say. Everyone’s body is different, everyone’s brain works a different way, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Stop trying to fit into this mold of normalcy and know that by just being you, you’re already in it.

Need inspiration? Check out these perfectly imperfect things about some major celebs. Your success and self worth are not going to be determined by how you look, but how you apply our talent. Remember that. K?

take care,

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  • Adinay

    I’ve been told that too,I’m 5’9″, 103 pounds, and I’m 16. Don’t be sad, you do freelance modeling, that’s awesome.

  • Elise

    I'm 16 years 5'4 1/2 and 98 pounds. I used to be get teased and bullied when I was younger, and called anorexic too, but I realized that real friends don't say stuff like that to each other.

  • nikki

    the same thing happened to me. Not only did they make fun of my size but also my looks. just keep your head held high and know that you love yourself

  • Janet

    "Dear Heather, I am too perfect! Life is so hard being this awesome! Help me!"

    I think it's pretty safe to say that it isn't your looks or intellect that are putting people off – It's your arrogance. It made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    "I just want to be normal" made me laugh out loud, though. Kudos!

  • 5wj3

    Dear, try covering your self. That way, instead of people observing your body, they'll observe your personality.

  • DawnS,L

    i kind of have the same problem im 15 about 5`3 and i weigh 90 pounds im incredibly skinny and i dont like to wear just teeshirts, recently tho my friends have been helping me cope i dont wear sweaters as much now but i found that if your friends (your real freidns) dont care about the way you look than why should you? and boys? alot of them are delusional but if they would really care about you then they wouldnt focuse on looks 🙂

  • Adrian

    Some of these problems are, unfortunately, not exclusive to the conventionally beautiful. I'm thinking specifically of the guys who run upon discovering you're intelligent and willing to stand up to them. Many, many men assume no girlfriend will have either of those qualities, or will only have the former, and when they find out they aren't dating a woman who will always supplicate to them, they run like hell. Good riddance to them, of course, but that's not really a comforting thought when it actually happens.

  • I'm 13, am 5"3 and weigh 94 pounds because I have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

    I used to always try to gain weight because jelouse girls always make comments like "you can only be that skinny if you were anorexic" and guys never like me because I'm built like Twiggy, no hips and A cup boobs.

    I've learned to accept me for me though, and anyone who wants to critique my body can blow it out their ass!

  • At least you dont wheigh as much as me( i'm 12 and i wheigh 140)

  • eileen

    at least ur tall i am really scrawny and can't even gain weight because of my high motablism and i am only 4"11 or 5 ft tall