gURLs on going out post breakup

Confession: We’ve been super glued to our MacBooks a little more so than usual.

The reason? We’ve been given an advanced copy of The Sims 3 Late Night, the new expansion pack for The Sims 3 video game that’s usurping our (love) life. Cut to us ditching our gURLs last Saturday night to stay home and force our fictional personas to go through yet another agonizing break up, complete with cat fights, make up sex, more cat fights, and then a night out on the town with our Sims BFFs to forget about the dude who made us go through all that. Trust, it’s better than watching re-runs of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Oddly, there’s nothing more therapeutic than building ourself and the guy or gURL who did us wrong in the Sims world and letting our breakup play out the way we wanted to, all while sitting at home in an old tee with a bucket of Rocky Road. It’s like digital therapy for the price of one session of the real thing!

But eventually, we’ll have to go back out into the single world and start meeting people. Wallowing in the self-pity is no way to kick off the change of our relationship status on Facebook. Take a queue from the game (and us) and get yourself back out there!

Let’s go out. To prepare, we’ve assembled the top do’s and dont’s of Going Out: Single Style.

DO: Round up your gURLs for a night out on the town to be remembered. Get done up (e.g. visit a makeup counter and purchase a lip gloss), find an outfit that screams YOU to the 10th degree, and make sure your shoes give you that lift your spirit needs. We’d never say it’s okay to want to be the center of attention, but tonight you deserve it.

DON’T: At any point in the night reach for your phone, iPad, Blackberry, PDA, laptop, or whatever and try and text him. Remember, you’re trying to get the point across that you’re NOT thinking about him, even if you are. You’re there to have a great time with your gURLs in a big group, and you never know when you’re gonna meet someone new, either.

DO: Pick some place where you’ll be noticed. You’ll never know which one of his friends will be there to report back to him and blab that he saw you and your BFFs looking ridiculously hot and having a blast without him. Pick the hottest spot where you know all the “coolest” people will be to spot you looking fierce!

DON’T: Go out with the intentions of getting absolutely wasted. Actually, don’t drink at all! Going out to get drunk, especially post break up, is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention it’s illegal if you’re under 21. Trust us, nothing says “desperate” like waking up to half eaten Taco Bell and 35 text messages to your ex in your outbox.

DO: Dance your ass off. We’re not talking about that cheesy show on Oxygen. Dancing the night away with your gURLs releases endorphins, which will make you happy. Happy gURLs do not think about their exes. Got it? Good.

DO: Give our method of post break up therapy via The Sims 3: Late Night a try. If you can’t really go out with your gURLs…, do it virtually!

Check out all the deets for the game here!

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